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The old continent as it is often referred to, Europe offers to its visitors much more than beautiful scenery and fun activities.

Europe is the space where the idea of tourism appeared for the first time, in the 18th century and for that we have to thank England and its aristocracy.

Holiday in Europe - Poland Photo


Made up of far away destinations covered in the distant history’s romance, the Asian continent is so diverse and so full of contrasts that it is difficult to describe it in a few words. Probably this is what constitutes one of its tourist strengths.

Whether you have been longing to visit the Forbidden city, to relax on the Malaysian beaches, to shop in Thailand’s floating markets, or in Istanbul’s bazaars, read our travel guides before setting on for your journey.


Pristine nature and its biodiversity make the greatest tourist assets of this wild and mostly unexplored continent.

However, there are plenty of other things to do in Africa: from the discovery of ancient civilizations’ remains in Egypt to the shopping opportunities in the Moroccan souks to the wide range of beaches
you will find on Canary Islands.

Adventure Travel North Africa

The Americas

Another corner of the world whose diversity makes its strength, the American continent presents a full palette of things to do and see.

The Iguazu Falls on the Argentinian and Brazilian border, the great surfing and diving spots you will certainly find in Belize, Rio Negro, the Brazilian rainforests, the spectacular Canadian nature, the US National Parks as well as modern cities and historic landmarks throughout the continent…

these are just a few of the reasons to chose one of the American destinations as the venue of your next holiday.


Discover South America



Fascinating cultures, pristine islands and vibrant Australian urban centers are waiting to be discovered in the Pacific region.

The Caribbeans

Caribbean islands are a popular area with honeymooners and beach lovers, the Caribbeans offer you much more than that: great wildlife sanctuaries,
rainforests, a rich historic and cultural heritage, delicious cuisines and the best climate for an enjoyable vacation.

Island Travel St Lucia Caribbean

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