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The most popular Africa Vacation destinations include locations such Zambia, Morocco, Rwanda and Kenya.

Visit Africa and enjoy some of Africa’s best and highly recommended vacation rentals, hotels, holiday homes and tours:

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Zanzibar Island – This is Tanzania’s best kept secret and a dream destination that will leave your with memories to cherish forever. Zanzibar is serene yet fun. It’s a source of insight into the African-Arab relations such as the slave trade on Spice Island.

It boasts of pristine beaches with silky white sand that is contrasted with the turquoise waters and colorful coral reefs.

The stone town is also charming as it is a true reflection of the island with colorful markets, cobbled streets as well as minaret lined skyscape that overlooks the beaches.

This destination is well worth visiting.

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What Are The Best Places to Visist in Africa

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