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Glittering lakes, endless green forests, snow-capped mountain peaks, fabulous waterfalls, magnificent natural parks, a vivid cultural life, modern urban hubs with European architectural features,Canada is a dream for any tourist.

Indeed, the myth of Canada – land of wide open spaces, maple syrup, bears and eternal ice has attracted many visitors along the years and will continue to seduce those willing to discover a new world,equally charming during all seasons: its maples’ blazing orange highlights in autumn, the majestic white that covers everything in winter, the crude green of spring revival and the graceful whales approaching the shore under the torrid summer sun.

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The East Coast

Due to its magnificent cities such as the romantic Montreal with its distinctive French flair, the symbolical Ontario with its architectural treasures and vibrant metropolises (Ottawa and Toronto) and the very European Quebec with its historical fortifications, its thousand islands dotting the St. Lawrence River and the famous Niagara Falls, the East Coast has long been the travelers’ favorite choice.

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The Atlantic Provinces

Discover Nouveau-Brunswick’s picturesque small towns and villages; go fly-fishing, kayaking, canoeing or rafting on its vast network of rivers; soak in the sun on its pristine beaches or catch the impressive Canadian waves.

Explore the trails of the Appalachian Mountains; enjoy the coastal landscape from Hopewell Rocks – the strange “flowerpot” formations carved by the tides coming back and forth twice a day in Bay of Fundy.

Hopewell Rocks

Plan a trip to Gros Morne National Park, in Newfoundland if you want to live a unique experience and to have the opportunity to admire a very unusual prehistoric landscape, sculpted by ancient volcanoes.

Take Cabot Trail – North America’s most spectacular ocean drives – if you want to cross the beautiful highlands of Cape Breton, to pass by rocky cliffs and a rugged coastline. Lighthouse Road will take you through Nova Scotia’s historic towns and old fishing villages.

Prince Edward Island will certainly charm you with bright red roads, pearly pink sun drenched beaches bathes by the azure blue ocean waters.

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The Prairies

Once neglected by tourists, the western part of Canada has gained in popularity and those who come here explore the majestic Rocky Mountains, enjoy the quietness of its beautiful lakes, have fun in its Americanized, yet very Canadian cities (Edmonton or Calgary), hike in Banff National Park, have a ski holiday in Alberta.

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British Columbia

Reputed as the Canadian version of Arizona, British Columbia also boasts magnificent natural settings and an impressive richness of cultural influences. Its heart,
Vancouver makes a fascinating discovery, but so do its surroundings.

The North

If you are the adventurous type, head North and you will discover a totally different world – an entirely wild one, where modern worries have no meaning.

Auyuittuq National Park where you the eternal ice and the tundra spread all around, where the vast icecap Penny continues to give birth to glaciers and to shape the territory, makes, indeed, a unique discovery.

Discover Canada

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