Top 10 Vacation Spots in Canada

Top 10 Vacation Spots in Canada

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Canada Vacation Spots | Best Vacation in Canada

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Life as we all know can get very taxing at some point. With the demands that we get by living our daily life: being bombarded with a lot of work, stress, plus everyday challenges; we all deserve a time out and enjoy the beauty that this world has to offer.

Besides, the only remedy for you to come home to your usual routine with arms wide open is to have some time away from it. What better way to do that than to have a sweet escape; traveling and having a little bit of adventure can brush off that dull feeling you get every now and then keeping up your life’s demand.

Is Canada worth visiting?

Canada is a no stranger to travelers. If you’re looking for an adventure or just plain relaxation, this is perhaps the best destination to be. Not only will it give you a fun ride towards civilization, with its well preserved culture and bounty; it will also stun you with the beauty that nature has bestowed it.


Top Vacation Locations in Canada 2


Where Modern Time Meets Civilization and Mother Nature

Canada is situated in Northern part of America, consists of 10 provinces and three territories.

The country’s climate consists of four seasons:

  • winter, shows up early in November and it is known to be the best ski destination during the season;
  • spring stays up in April and extends to June;
  • summer in Canada is from June to August with hot and sunny weather, perfect for sun lovers;
  • Fall or Autumn in the month of September is one of the favorite seasons for most locals.

Canada is considered to be the –

  • Second largest country by total area, with its population of 36.2 million in 2016.
  • Canadians are known to be very friendly.
  • Since English is their official language, communication is not a major problem. ( French is widely spoken in several places and is the second official language)
  • In terms of Economy Development, Canada is on the top of the list. It is known for their rich natural resources such as wood pulp, timber and natural gas.
  • The country is also well-known for their advanced technology in transportation, Industrial machinery, Aircraft and Telecommunications equipment.
Where should I vacation in Canada?

Above all, Canada is famous for their breathtaking vacation spots. Taken from all different kinds of compilations, tourist reviews and sources; let’s take a closer look on the Top 10 Vacation Spots in Canada that every travel enthusiast should not miss.


Canada Vacation Spots



The Grouse Mountain

Canadians are understandably proud of the natural beauty of their nation, and where better to see it than a 4,000-feet high mountain that’s just a few minutes from the very centre of Vancouver?

What can you do on Grouse Mountain?

In the winter months, this is a hugely popular ski resort, but in the summer months it’s just as beautiful and just as well-loved.If you like hiking, be sure to bring your boots, because the trails around Grouse Mountain are among the most picturesque in the whole of North America.It is the ultimate destination for ski enthusiastic.

How do I get from Vancouver to Grouse Mountain?

Located in Northern Vancouver, It is the perfect place for skiing. With different outdoor activities such as Grouse Grind, a trail called by the locals as “Mother nature’s Stairmaster”.
You can also go nature tripping like bird watching or Mountain Top Eco Walk. Other activity also includes the Skyride, to enjoy the magnificent view from the top that will surely take your breath away.

Grouse Mountain is open anytime of the year

Sightseeing Highlights of Vancouver

What is Vancouver Canada known for?

There are some cities in the world which give you exactly what you would expect when you visit, and there are one or two which are full of surprises. Vancouver, a beautiful metropolis in the south-western corner of Canada, undoubtedly fits perfectly in the latter group.
It has a number of attractions to tempt the visitor, all located in a city which is a pleasing mix of influences, and which retains a wonderful village-type feel to it.


Top Vacation Locations in Canada 3


Here are some must-visit locations that should be on every tourist schedule.

Vancouver Art Gallery

What are the top attractions to visit in Vancouver?

There are times on any city break when a little culture is the order of the day, so a visit to Vancouver Art Gallery is highly recommended. It’s located in Hornby Street in the centre of the city, and is home to more than 10,000 fascinating exhibits. As well as hosting artworks by celebrated Canadian artists, including the famous Group of Seven, there are also pieces by the likes of Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali and Alfred Stieglitz.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

What can you do for free in Vancouver?

One of those tourist attractions that for some people would seem more like a white knuckle ride, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is a pedestrian walkway that spans the Capilano River some 230 feet below. At almost 450 feet in length, the walk is perhaps not for those who have a fear of heights, especially if they are likely to get the jitters halfway across! Be sure to take a camera with you, because the views are truly beautiful.

Harbour Centre

What are the most popular things to do in Vancouver with kids?

The area around Vancouver’s spectacular harbour is a sight to behold, especially at night, and there is no better view than that offered by the Lookout at the Harbour Centre. This observation deck gives visitors a wonderful 360 degree panorama of one of the world’s great cities. Mount Baker, a 10,000-feet plus volcano, is visible in the distance on a clear day, while in the foreground you can watch the boats in the harbour, as well as the planes taking off from Vancouver Harbour Water Airport.

Crazy Creek Waterfall and Suspension Bridge

cc signLocated in Central, BC between the towns of Sicamous and Revelstoke, along Highway 1, is the natural attraction of Crazy Creek Waterfall and Suspension Bridge. Crazy Creek offers visitors the experiences of viewing a waterfall up-close and walking over the waterfall via a suspension bridge and boardwalks.

In 2000, Vic Bates purchased the 160 acre land which encompassed the waterfall, and in 2002, he decided that the waterfall is a national treasure that should be shared with everyone; therefore in 2004 he opened the business. In the future, Vic hopes to expand the business so that visitors can tour an old village settlement site and learn about the mining and logging history in the area.

The Burner: New experiences from old industries

burnerIn the mid 1980’s, Ray first had the idea that a beehive burner would be an interesting place for a pub and over the years he continued to put the plan together. When the local beehive was decommissioned, Ray went through the process of acquiring the structure.

Renovations were needed to strengthen the structure back to the proper building code regulations. After renovations were done, the structure was dismantled and moved across the highway to its new location. The beehive burner was rebuilt and Ray began construction on the inside of the pub.

Baillie House Information Centre

The Heritage Society has operated Baillie House since 1998 as a public green space and heritage site. This year is the first that it is being used as a visitor information booth. They are utilizing both paid and volunteer staff. It is an amazing experience for visitors because many of the volunteers have lived in Merritt their entire lives and have an incredible bank of local knowledge to draw upon.

Staff members also offer free tea or coffee to visitors encouraging them to spend a bit more time learning about Merritt and the property itself. Visitors can explore much of what Merritt offers through brochures (which are racked free of charge for local businesses).

Telegraph Cove

Telegraph Cove was a thriving community in the early 1920’s consisting of a tiny cannery and sawmill. It has a rich and colourful history during the days when logging and fishing were the main sources of income for the area. The community has been preserved as close to its original condition as possible through the incredible efforts of the past and present owners of the town, but mostly, by the recent owner, Mr. Gordie Graham.

Kootenay Rockies Tourism mobi

Kootenay Rockies Tourism is the first DMO in Canada, and perhaps the World, to offer full online travel information services to mobile users, which can be accessed at “This is the ultimate tool for flexible travel,” says Chris Dadson, President of Kootenay Rockies Tourism. “Mobile web sites will revolutionize the way travelers experience a destination.”

Travellers are able to receive detailed visitor information and they are hot linked to websites and phone numbers of tourism operators, resorts, and activities. All the basic information available will comply with Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) payment programs (pay by information downloaded, not time used) and there are options to click through for more detailed information, video, images and sound clips.



Innovative Local Tourism Practices – Special Events

Adams River Sockeye Society

The Adams River Sockeye Society (ARSS) is a not-for-profit organization that hosts an event that occurs as the sockeye run on the Adams River. The Adams River is located between Chase and Sorrento on the north side of the Little Shuswap Lake near the Quaaout Resort.
Every four years in the month of October, the Adams River sees the highest concentration of Salmon returning from the Pacific Ocean to reproduce and die. Since 1958, this event has been a draw for many people to witness this miracle of life, and is celebrated as “The Salute to the Sockeye.” The event provides an excellent opportunity to bring revenue to this area of the Shuswap.

Cowichan Valley Grape Escape

The Cowichan Valley Grape Escape started in 2002 as part of the nationwide Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour which is the largest cycling event in Canada. The Cowichan event has been an incredible success bringing over two hundred cyclists together for a one day or two day fun ride in which funds are raised for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

Cyclists get an opportunity to tour the Cowichan Valley region on quiet back roads and pass through the rural communities of Brentwood Bay, Shawnigan Lake, Mill Bay and Cobble Hill. Riders have numerous opportunities to stop in on along the daily sixty kilometer route and see stops of interest including an assortment of local artisans, wineries, specialty food merchants, and local parks.

Edge to Edge Marathon

The communities of Tofino and Ucluelet on the West Coast of Vancouver Island have come together to create and promote an authentic original tourism product that has expanded community borders by thinking collaboratively instead of competitively.

Not only have these two communities come together but the Edge to Edge Marathon has brought together private business, individuals, as well as the federal government to form a truly collaborative effort to enhance the tourism development in the Pacific Rim region. The event has massive community support in the form of volunteers that help put on the event.

Local businesses both in Tofino and Ucluelet proudly sponsor the event. The communities have also established the need to take the event to the next level in regards to organization and number of participants and hired outdoor events specialists Mind Over Mountain Event Company. Together all of the partners are trying to ensure that the event continues to grow in a way that benefits the region as a whole.

Kusam Klimb Adventure Race

The community of Sayward lies on the North Eastern coast of Vancouver Island. This friendly community of approximately 1200 has gone through many changes over the years from a primarily resource extraction community into a community trying to diversify the local economy into other areas such as tourism. When developing a new industry like tourism, Sayward has found that it helps to take advantage of your natural assets.

One of the community led initiatives that has been very successful over the last few years is the Kusam Klimb Adventure Race. The climb itself takes place in June and is a grueling 23 kilometer endurance race that takes racers from Sayward up and over the snow covered Mount H’Kusam and loops back into town again. The event attracts participants from all over with runners this year coming from as far away as Toronto to participate.

Chetwynd Chainsaw Carvings

Many communities that are transit destinations like Chetwynd, struggle with ways to get visitors on route to destinations further down the road, to stop in and spend time (and money) at their businesses. The community of Chetwynd, with a population of 3,119, is located at the junction of Highway #97 and highway #29 in Northeast BC. It is about 97 kilometres from Dawson Creek, the starting point of the world famous Alaska Highway.

Chetwynd is a community that has relied on primary industries such as forestry, oil and gas, mining, CN Rail, and ranching. With efforts to diversify with tourism, Chetwynd was seeking to find ways to attract visitors to turn off the highway stop and experience the community.


Niagara Falls

It’s located at the Southern tip of Ontario, Niagara Falls is a three divided massive waterfalls. The falls has a 13 storey drop with 100,000 cubic feet of water. It is considered to be included in the natural wonders of the world.

You can also ride in a boat to take a closer look and experience the wonderful Niagara Falls.


Top Canadian Travel Destinations


Planning a Niagara Falls Vacation?

At the border between the United States and Canada, Niagara Falls is conveniently located and its three stunning falls provide spectacular views year round.


As one of the top vacation destinations in Northern America, and one of the most striking falls in the entire world, Niagara Falls is an absolute must see for families, couples, and even travelers who enjoy backpacking!


What do I need to know before going to Niagara Falls?

Planning your Niagara Falls Vacation Before you jet off to go see the wondrous falls, you should know a few things about them and plan accordingly.

Below we have five tips and bits of advice to help you plan the perfect Niagara Falls vacation!

Choose your side

One of the biggest misconceptions about Niagara Falls is that it is one set of falls when, in fact, there are three! The three falls include the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls, and the Canadian Falls. Additionally, there are two main sides – the Canadian side and the American side.

What to do in Niagara Falls for free?

If you’re a Niagara Falls first timer, it is highly recommended that you see the Canadian side because it features the stunning horse shoe shaped falls along with a range of extra exploratory options including a trip behind the falls, helicopter rides, boat rides, and so much more!

If, on the other hand, you’re not too bothered with seeing the true glory of the falls, or you’re curious as to what the other side holds in store, you can see the American side which features a beautiful, but not nearly as great, view of the falls.

The American side is simply nowhere near as scenic or beautiful as the Canadian side and, since there is just a tiny bridge (OK it’s quite a large bridge), covering the gap between the American and Canadian sides, you can easily cross over through the border and get to enjoy both!

Go at night

While there are so many sights and activities to enjoy during your visit to Niagara Falls, one of the most highly recommended things is to go out late in the evening when it’s dark and view the scene.

The falls are light up spectacularly by large colored lights and it creates an absolutely stunning and picturesque moment.

Nothing in the world quite compares to seeing the falls lit up at night, and it’s an absolutely magical moment for couples and families to spend together!

Go on the Maid of the Mist

What are the most popular things to do in Niagara Falls with kids?

On your trip into Canada, you’re going to notice a myriad of options to get up close and personal with the falls.

You can enjoy a behind the falls hike, go up next to the top of the falls on the Canadian side via the tourist office, or you can even get a fancy helicopter ride for some stunning arial shots of the falls.

All-in-all, almost everything is worth trying, however one of the most cost efficient and most stunning opportunities is the Maid of the Mist.

The Maid of the Mist is actually a boat that takes you right up close to the falls. You will get absolutely drenched with mist from the falls; however the sheer enormity of the waterfalls and their stunning power can hardly be fathomed until you really get up close on the boat!

What are the best outdoor activities in Niagara Falls?

Make Time For Wine!Niagara wine is some of the freshest and loveliest wine in the world – renowned for its crisp taste and delightful clarity.
Vineyards in Ontario, especially right near the falls themselves, are strikingly popular and offer a myriad of wine tasting tours for tourists and travelers.

Even if wine is not your particular drink of choice, taking advantage of a wine tour is highly recommended as you’ll get a great afternoon trip that will show you some of the other sights of Niagara aside from the falls!



Perfect Niagara Falls Vacation


Be prepared for customs

All too often, travelers from Canada or the United States attempt to cross the border and enjoy the views and attractions at Niagara Falls. Unfortunately there is an international border along with immigration control set up to prevent any unwanted individuals from crossing into either country.

What are the best day trips from Niagara Falls?

With strict limitations and thorough questioning/searches, travelers from these sister countries need to be fully prepared before attempting to cross.

Any weapons, including mace, are strictly prohibited. Additionally, a passport (or passport card if you’re travelling only by land) is required.

Understanding what you can and cannot bring into the country is essential, and you’ll often be questioned about alcohol since the government controls the price of alcohol in Ontario and many people look to make a profit by bringing in large quantities from the United States!


Old Montreal (Vieux-Montreal)

It is the perfect place for people who love to dig on history. When you’re in Montreal, don’t miss to visit their Historical Churches, Museums and Parks. Markets are also within reach for those who love souvenirs and local products.


Best Vacation Spots in Canada


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Pacific Rim National Park

How far is Pacific Rim National Park from Vancouver?

It is not just any other ordinary Park. Situated in west coast of Vancouver, this Park has a beautiful 40 km beach. Tourists can enjoy surfing, whale watching and other beach fun activities.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, British Columbia is situated on the tip of Vancouver Island, facing the Pacific Ocean. It differs slightly from the typical alpine Canadian parks with its rugged shoreline and temperate rainforests.

How do I get to Pacific Rim National Park?

There are three main regions in the park, namely Long Beach, the Broken Group Islands and the famous West Coast Trail.
You can either take on the West Coast Trail challenge and traverse the park within 5-7 days or perhaps kayak to one of the Broken Group Islands.


Baffin Island (Oikiqtaaluk)

What is Baffin Island known for?

It has a lot to offer. It is Canada’s largest Island and fifth largest island in the world. It is located at the Canadian territory of Nunavut. If you’re looking for rare beauty of nature and untouched scenery, Baffin Island is the place for tourist who wants quality time away from the busy City life.

Its beauty of nature is irreplaceable. With its finest mountains, Baffin is also a place where rare animals can be seen. The Arctic fox and Polar bear are just a few visitors in Baffin.


This City has been branded as the center of civilization, cultural and entertainment, Toronto is the place for tourist where they can go shopping, enjoy the city’s night life and stay at the finest world class hotels.

The Food is undeniable good, serving Canada’s local or even international dishes. Museums, Parks and Gardens are also available within the City.

If you’re looking for fun, leisure and enjoyment, Toronto is the place for you.


Travel to Toronto Canada


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The Prairies

Sitting between the Rocky Mountains in the west and in the great lake region in Central Canada. Tourists from all over the world love this place because of its natural sights, relaxing and calming weather.


This city may not be as big as Toronto and Montreal but visitors always come back to Ottawa. Located in Northeast Ontario, The place is known for its cleanliness and it is a family-friendly place. The place is the haven of different kinds of growing flowers and its cool weather adds up to the freshness of the place.

Hundreds of Festivals are also being celebrated making it a tourist destination.




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Old Quebec City

Quebec City

The Quebec City and Montmorency Falls Day Trip is a 12-hour tour from Montreal to Quebec. In this vibrant Canadian city, a qualified guide will expose you to the awesome nature of the Montmorency Falls.

The tour of this colonial city will transport visitors back hundreds of years as they take in all of the culture and history of Quebec. Some of the highlights of this trip include a visit to the Place Royale, Citadel, Parliament Buildings and Plains of Abraham.

Things to see in Quebec City

It is located in St. Lawrence River in Central Canada. Quebec which means “where the river narrows’ is famous for their so called “Ice Hotel” A hotel built literally on ice that opens during January to March.

Tourist can also enjoy horseback riding and enjoy the great tourist attractions of the City.


Locations in Canada


Montmorency Falls in Québec, Canada

If you’re heading north into Canada’s Charlevoix region from Québec City you won’t need to look hard to find Montmorency Falls. The 275 ft. high (84 meters) and 150 ft. wide (46 meters) falls can be seen on your left about six miles north of the province’s capital city on route 138. If for some reason you don’t see the falls, you’ll see blue signs with pictures of waterfalls saying “Parc de la Chute Montmorency”, “Chute” being the French word for “Falls”.

Road Trip Montmorency Quebec

Montmorency Falls near the city of Québec, Canada the Montmorency Falls are located on the Montmorency River in the Beauport borough of Québec City. There’s a small fee to enter the park, but it’s definitely worth it. The Falls stand one and a half times taller than Niagara Falls and are an impressive site. I had never heard of La Chute Montmorency before traveling to the area and discovered the park by accident myself. On my return trips to Québec I’ve stayed in hotels in Beauport close to the falls. The hotels in Beauport are cheaper than in downtown Québec, but still offer easy access to the city.

Observation deck and stairs at Montmorency Falls

There are two different parking areas. The parking area on the lower side of the falls, and closest to the main road, has a visitor’s center with a gift shop and snacks. You can take a cable car to the top viewing area, relax and take in the scenery, or hike up the stairs. You can get a great view of the falls by taking the stairs, but you will get wet. It’s refreshing on a hot day, but not so fun on a windy, chilly one.

If you’re driving, you’ll have to leave the lower viewing area to reach the upper level, as they are not connected. On the upper level sits the Manoir Montmorency which has a fine dining restaurant and gift shop. The foot bridge over the Montmorency River can be reached from this area.

People on the walking bridge over Les Chute Montmorency

There’s always something to see at Montmorency Falls. At night the waterfalls are illuminated. During late July and August fireworks are held two nights a week. When winter comes ice climbers come to climb the Pain de Sucre, or Sugarloaf, the name given to the mountain of ice made by the freezing falls. There are also snowshoes available for rent if climbing isn’t your thing.

Montmorency Falls frozen over in winter

The Parc de la Chute Montmorency also has something for the history buff. The remnants of the British General Wolfe’s forts can be seen here. La Chute Montmorency was the site of the Battle of Beauport on July 31, 1759. James Wolfe tried to assault the French defenses here, but was turned away by the French and the ensuing heavy rain which made musket fire impossible. The British lost 440 men at the Battle of Beauport, but eventually took Québec after the Battle of the Plains of Abraham on the plateau of Québec City.

Visit Sépaq for more information about the Parc de la Chute Montmorency.


Canada Olympic Park

The 2010 Winter Olympics Games in in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This sports complex is open for all sports fanatics. It is used as training ground for athletes and people who would love to learn different winter sports. The Olympic park is a tribute to remember the biggest sport event of the world,

Ski lessons are also available for kids and adults. Locals and tourists can also avail other activities such as Zipline and bobsleigh which everyone can enjoy. The Olympic Hall of fame and Museum is also available in the park, where everyone can take a look of the finest people, artifacts and history of Olympics.

There are Hundreds of great places in Canada that are just stunning. Breath taking scenery and great people are just few of the reasons why tourists from all over the world goes back to this place.

Canada has done well in keeping its civilization well preserved; basically the country’s undying efforts in doing so have made it possible for many tourists to enjoy what it has now. So, if you’re looking forward to having a refreshing vacation, maybe it’s about time for you to book a flight to Canada.



Awesome Things to do ; And Places to Discover Across Canada


The Top National Parks In Canada


The Canadian national parks are beautiful gems tucked away in an obscure corner of the world. With their exquisite glacier lakes and alpine trails, they can captivate even the most hardened of city rats.


Here are just five of the best ones to whet your appetite.

Banff National Park


Canada remains to be one of the world’s most beautiful and awe-inspiring destinations. Pristine turquoise waters brim onto weeping green landscapes in one stunning glance at Canada.
The national parks alone are a major draw card and attract an estimated average of 13 million visitors every year. These parks often boast impressive glaciers, and are green and fresh throughout summer.

The most popular and prided park in Canada is the Banff National park, nestled within the Canadian Rockies. This is Canada’s oldest park (established in 1885) and comprises, mountains, glaciers, ice fields, forests and alpine landscapes.

Discover Alberta Canada
What is the weather like in Baffin Island?

Banff National Park, Alberta is the oldest and one of the most popular national parks in Canada. It has numerous picturesque lakes, glaciers, forests and ice fields to be explored,along with the two charming resort towns, Banff and Lake Louise.

The Bow River flows right through its center, which is perfect for taking quiet and scenic boat trips to enjoy the gorgeous landscape. The Banff hot springs is also worth a visit, as is the Valley of the Ten Peaks.


The Banff National Park is the oldest park in Canada located in the province of Alberta and is part of the North American Rocky Mountains range. It has a resort town nearby and is one of Canada’s most attractive tourist destinations known for its spectacular lakes and mountain peaks. The total area 6641 square km of mountain terrains, glaciers, alpine landscapes and ice fields

Some attractions:

  • The Icefields Parkway – A scenic route when travelling inside the Banff National Park passing by some places of interest like that Crowfoot Glacier, the Bow summit, Mistaya Canyon and Athabasca Falls.

  • Peyto Lake – A lake fed by the Peyto Creek draining its water from the Caldron Lake and Peyto Glacier with large amounts of glacial rock flowing to the Peyto Lake giving the lake a bright turquoise color.
  • Sulphur Mountain – You can choose to take a ride or hike to the top of this mountain which comprises of also 2 commercially developed hot springs
  • Moraine Lake – A lake fed by the rock flour from glaciers and includes a scenic view of the Valley of the Ten Peaks just across the lake
  • Plain of Six Glaciers – The six glaciers involved are the hanging glacies of Mount Aberdeen, LEfroy and Victoria together with the Lower Victoria and Lefroy glaciers and the hanging glacier on Popes Peak. This is a classic hike trip in Banff National Park and takes 5-6 hours to complete a more than 14 km. The trails bring you up close to the heart of Mount Lefroy, Mount Victoria and the Victoria Glacier before finally reaching the Tea House which is built in 1924 and is a rest stop for mountain climbers to Abbots Pass.

  • History:

    Human evidence was discovered as early as 11,000 BC in the Bow Valley before the Europeans arrived in the 1700s. Anthony Henday was believed to be the first non native to set foot in the area. The Banff National Park was established in 1885 and is the oldest national park in Canadian history. The park became open full year round since the 1960s and attracted more than 5 million tourists annually in the 1990s.

    Getting there:

    The nearest international airport to Banff is the Calgary International Airport followed by a 140 km road trip to the Banff National Park


    Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

    More info here :


    Auyuittuq National Park

    Auyuittuq National Park, Nunavut is right at the other end of Canada, with its wild Arctic scenery. Those who wish to get a taste of the North Pole should visit this park (known as “the land that never melts” by the aborigines) and be awed by its fjords, ice fields and glaciers.

    If you are extremely lucky, you might even spot one of the 12 mammal species in this regions, including the polar bear and the arctic hare.

    The Akshayuk Pass is probably the best route to take when you visit the park.

    Wood Buffalo National Park

    Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta and Northwest Territories is the largest Canadian national park. Set in the heart of Canada, it is home to the largest herd of wood bison, as well as the only nesting site for the endangered whooping cranes.
    Also, the world’s largest beaver dam is housed within the park and was sighted using satellite in 2007.

    The Alberta Plateau is also worth a visit, just to witness its endless bogs and sinkholes, while the Great Slave Lake is certainly a feast for the eyes as it is one of the world’s largest fresh-water deltas.

    Grasslands National Park

    Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan is a clear indication of Canada’s effort to preserve all the types of landscapes within the nation.
    This the first national park that was made to preserve the mixed prairie grasslands of Canada and is still quite untouched by humans.

    The park supports complex ecosystems and contains several endangered species, such as the black-tailed prairie dogs, burrowing owl, black footed ferret and so on.

    Gros Morne National Park in Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador


    The Gros Morne National Park is situated in the Newfoundland and Labrador province of Canada at the eastern park of the country. The Gros Morne Park measures 1805 square km in area and is the second largest national park in Atlantic Canada.
    Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 for its geological history and unique sceneries, the Gros Morne is uniquely famous for its Tablelands stone desert landscape where the deep ocean crust and mantle rocks lie exposed on the surface of Earth. Other attractions include the fresh water Fjord pond at Western Brook as well as the activities around the Bonne Bay.


    The park was named after the second highest mountain peak within its area in French, Gros Morne, meaning a large mountain standing alone. The Gros Morne National Park is situated amongst the Long Range Mountains and is the eroded remnants of a formation as far as 1.2 billion years ago during a continental drift.
    The Western Brook Pond was created during the most recent ice age 10,000 to 25,000 years ago and has one of the highest purity ratings for natural waters in the world. The Tablelands was believed to originate from the Earth’s Mantle and have been forced up to the surface during a plate collision several hundred million years ago.

    Getting there:

    The nearest airport to the Gros Morne National Park is the Deer Lake Regional Airport which is 35 km from the southern park boundary and is mainly served by Air Canada and Provincial airlines from major cities of the country.

    Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada, Alberta


    The Waterton Lakes National Park is located in the southwestern corner of Alberta province in Canada. Established in 1895, it is the fourth national park in Canada and measures an area of 505 square km. The Waterton Lakes National Park was also designated as a World Biosphere reserves as well as World Heritage site in 1979 and 1995 respectively due to its outstanding scenery, rich variety of flora and mammal species as well as its alpine forest and glacial features. The park is famous for its various lake sceneries and also offers scenic trails with the most notable hike the Crypt Lake Trail which was once voted the best hike in Canada.


    Human history in the Waterton Lakes National Park dates back to nearly 10,000 years ago and the first inhabitants were the ancestors of the later cultures who settled around the region known as the Upper Kutenai comprising of mainly hunters and fisherman and the Blackfoot who were nomadic people highly dependent on bisons. The first European visit to the Waterton Lakes was Lieutenant Thomas Blaskiston of the Palliser Expedition but he named the lake after Sir Charles Waterton to honor him for his scientific achievements.

    Getting there:

    The Lethbridge County Airport (YQL) is the closest airport to the Waterton Lakes National Park and is 138 km away from the destination but only served by flights from Calgary and Edmonton. The nearest international airport is the Calgary International Airport (YYC) and is 274 km away from the national park.


    Dive the Great Lakes

    Although the Great Lakes are commonly known for sailing and fishing, the network of lakes also features many great locations for scuba diving. Hundreds of shipwrecks dot the maps, and the Great Lakes area is a perfect place to dive. Scuba diving is not just for reefs, and any diver worth his salt knows that the adventure and thrill that comes from diving fresh water lakes is second to none. In addition to being exciting and challenging, the sites are not typically as crowded as many other diving locations on the coasts or near the sea. The sites in the Great Lakes area also offer a look into the rich American past.

    If you are an experienced diver, or an intrepid novice looking to improve your skill, these locations offer what you are looking for. Let us look at a few sites in the Great Lakes and remember to always research your dive, be prepared, and keep your equipment checked and ready.


    1000 Island Travel


    Wreck of the “Islander”

    The site

    Why do people visit the Great Lakes?

    Scuba diving in and around underwater wreckage is a thrilling and fun adventure. The wreck of the “Islander” is accessible at Market Street in the quaint village of Alexandria Bay. The Islander comes from a long past era where steamboats reigned supreme.
    The location is a basic and open area. Although there are no penetration opportunities, the visibility during the dive is typically good. There is something surreal about seeing the haunting visage of the side-wheel steamship in its final resting place.


    Which Great Lake is the best vacation spot?

    Alexandria Bay features a dive shop as well as ramp and gazebo for convenience. In addition to great fishing and diving, Alexandria Bay also has bed and breakfasts as well as fine dining very close to the Wreck site. Check out more information on Alexandria Bay’s amenities.

    Eastern Lake Erie

    Wreck of the “Success”

    Eastern Lake Erie is a haven for scuba divers and adventure seekers. There are almost too many sites here to name. There are many sites here that require varying levels of skill and prowess, so make sure to look for travel signs. Being aware of safety issues while on dives of different skill is also important.

    Perhaps the most accessible wreck in Eastern Lake Erie is the Sailing ship “Success.” Resting in a mere 16 ft. of water, the “Success” had a career that spanned 106 years. The fate and history of the Success is the stuff of legend and Hollywood motion pictures.


    Port Clinton, Ohio, is a wonderful little hamlet that features an African safari tour, an historical museum, a state park and even lighthouse tours. Lodging consists of mainly motels such as Holiday Inn and Best Western, and has campgrounds near the diving area. Check out more information on Port Clinton and the surrounding area.

    Wreck of the “St. Peter”

    Putneyville, New York

    The Wreck of the “St. Peter” is one of the most compelling sites to see as a diver. Featuring 3 masts and 135ft long, this schooner was not found until 1971. Under 116ft of water in Lake Ontario, this wreck is a daunting but fulfilling dive. Conditions around the site can be hazardous and it is essential to obey all safety signs when visiting the area. Summer time is the best time to visit due to water and weather conditions.

    What is there to do around Great Lakes Crossing?

    Staying around the wreck of the St. Peter is as much an adventure as visiting the site. Although Putneyville, New York, has a historical society and a fine deli, there is not a great deal to do in the area. Your best bet would be to make the trek from nearby Rochester.


    Great Lakes Diving


    Top 5 Best Places To Fish in Canada

    It has been said that a bad day of fishing is better than a great day at the office. Fishing is one of the best ways to remove you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply relax and return to nature. Grab your rod and reel (or fly, depending on your taste), and head to one of these beautiful gifts Canada has to offer:


    Canada Travel Destinations

    Canada Vacation Spots


    5. Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories

    While it might be a bit of a journey for most of us to get there, the travel is worth it once you realize you have arrived at North America’s sixth-deepest lake, which is home to an abundant supply of fish ready and willing to bite. This lake boasts record-breaking trout as well as northern pike if you’re feeling up to a challenge, as well as a selection of fishing lodges at which to stay for the duration of your fishing adventure, including the world-known Plummer’s Arctic Lodges.

    4. Big River, Newfoundland

    If you desire something East Coast that is a bit more easy-access but not short on the fish supply, look into Big River. This aptly named river is home to a booming salmon population, seeing as it is in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. While there is a catch and release policy, the challenge of salmon as well as the many game-hunting opportunities are major pros for this area.

    3. Kispiox River, British Columbia

    For those who enjoy river fishing, few places are more breathtakingly gorgeous than the Kispiox River, a tributary of the Skeena River, located in mid-British Columbia. This location is also prime for the salmon fisher, as it boasts an impressive population of Steelhead salmon, which run through late November. The average catch is said to weigh in around thirteen pounds, however fish as large as thirty pounds are caught in the Kispiox as well. If you are looking for renowned fishing lodges, the Bear Claw is located nearby, which is a beautiful cabin-esque structure with private rooms over-looking the mighty Kispiox.

    2. The Bow River, Alberta

    The stunning beauty of Banff National Park, located in the province of Alberta, should be reason enough to travel to the Bow River. The Upper Bow River is world-renown for its bountiful population of brown trout that have been known to reach up to 10 pounds and beyond. There are also cutthroat trout, brook, and bull trout coursing through the river. The North Bow Lodge is a premier fishing lodge, long known to avid fly fisherman for its full-service lodging and prime location. The beautiful town of Banff is also nearby.

    1. Whale Channel, British Columbia

    With an expert staff and prime fishing locations available, a trip to the gorgeous and rustic fishing lodge at Whale Channel will provide you with fishing success. The salmon are plentiful, and the guides ensure that they get landed. Aside from salmon, there are halibut, cod, and other salt-water fish to bag and bring home. The scenery alone is breathtaking, the food and services provided by the lodge are top of the line, and the overall experience is comprehensively unbeatable.


    Thanksgiving Holiday

    What can you do on Thanksgiving in Canada?

    Thanksgiving Day, a holiday in Canada, is celebrated on the second Monday of October each year. The Thanksgiving tradition, observed since 1957, is aimed at giving people an opportunity to give thanks for the past year’s good harvest as well as other blessings. However this has changed over the years, with many households focusing on getting together for a dinner where they eat a large turkey.

    Thus, turkey stuffing, pumpkin pie and apple cider are all symbols of every Thanksgiving celebration. This year, the Thanksgiving holiday will be on Monday, October 13.

    Is Thanksgiving a big deal in Canada?

    The holiday was created following the proclamation of the Parliament of Canada, and is therefore a statutory holiday. On this day, post offices and schools are closed and most Canadians have the day off from work. Public transportion is limited on Thanksgiving since most businesses are not open. Prior to this proclamation, the first Thanksgiving Day was held in 1872 to celebrate of the recovery of the Prince of Wales.

    Things to do

    Although the actual Thanksgiving Day is on a Monday, Canadians hold the Thanksgiving feast on any day of the long weekend, most commonly on Saturday. There are a number of activities that are tied to the Thanksgiving holiday that you can consider, including the following:

    • Visiting friends or family who live far away or receiving them in your home and spending time with them during the three-day Thanksgiving weekend.
    • Prepare a special meal that you can enjoy with good company over the weekend. The traditional option is usually roast turkey accompanied by seasonal produce, including corn ears, and pumpkin, as well as pecan nuts. Other foods can also be included on the menu.
    • Go on an autumn vacation. This is perhaps the last time to enjoy the luxury of using holiday homes and cottages as this period is followed by winter.
    • Watch Canadian Football League Thanksgiving Day Classic matches.

    Generally, Thanksgiving Day is not as big as it is in the United States where it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every November and is considered the biggest national, non-religious holiday. Another interesting aspect to note about this Canadian holiday is that French Canadians in Quebec do not usually engage in the family and turkey get-togethers and parties.
    Unlike the United States, Thanksgiving in Canada is not followed by a day Christmas shopping and sales.

    Symbols of Thanksgiving

    What can we do on Thanksgiving Day?

    The Thanksgiving holiday is associated with the European tradition of harvests, hence there are symbols that are synonymous with it. Among the common symbols of this period include a horn or cornucopia filled with a variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits.

    Cornucopia is a Latin word for “Horn of Plenty” and was a symbol of plenty and bounty in ancient Greece. Other symbols of this holiday include ears of corn, turkeys, and large displays of food.

    In conclusion, the Thanksgiving holiday is one that many look forward to; a time of celebration and reflection, and a time to be with friends and family as Canadians count their many blessings from the past year.


    Top Vacation Locations in Canada


    Fall Weekend Getaway Ideas

    What activities can you do in autumn?

    Whether you just want to see the leaves change or enjoy the bloom and color that comes with autumn foliage, there are several fun getaway ideas that you can consider for a perfect fall weekend. From an pacific region to the classic mountain retreat areas, there are so many places that guarantee a relaxed and pleasurable fall weekend.

    Here are top 7 fall weekend getaway ideas that you can consider.

    Muskoka – Ontario

    This is one of the locations in Canada that is famous for its spectacular fall foliage. Spending time here will give you an experience like no other. You can be sure to find a package that suits you here. This can include taking a scenic hike through the forests. You can also try out different driving tours where you will get to see the colors of trees transitioning right before your eyes.


    What is there to do in autumn Montreal?

    Montreal is not only an economic and cultural centre but a great destination to enjoy fall foliage. In addition you can also go to on to shop in various Montreal stores ranging from budget friendly to small and high end that include Saint Catherine Street and Boulevard St. Laurent among others.


    Fall Travel Tips


    The Great Lakes

    The Great Lakes Region of both the U.S and Canadian sides usually rival New England with beautiful fall color. You can opt to fly to go to Quebec or Ottawa for views of magnificent scenery as you cruise St. Lawrence River.

    Canada rock as far as fall getaway location are concern, however other places around the globe like those listed below are also tier one (1) fall destination spots :

    New York and New England

    What can you do on a nice fall day?

    These two destinations will usher you to the best foliage views to the Northeast. You can take a refreshing foliage cruise to Hudson. Alternatively, admire the more interesting views of foliage from the back roads that also have the advantage of less traffic. When you have your foliage fill conclude your trip with a sumptuous meal at gourmet restaurants, a visit to the galleries, shopping or a concert.

    The Southern Appalachians

    What should I do in October?

    Charlotte and Atlanta usually have magnificent foliage within the southern Appalachian Mountains and are ideal for a slightly later fall. Here, you can hike on the Appalachian trail, opt to ride on the Smoky mountains railroad, attend a music concert, shop for crafts and enjoy the best of southern hospitality and cooking.


    Discover the Beauty of the Fall


    Kouyou in Japan

    Kouyou is another great place to spend your fall weekend. In fact, it is a favorite fall destination in Japan as it is tucked away in the mountains/countryside. Not only will you enjoy the sight of fall foliage but also the beauty of the landscape of Japan that is combined with the sophistication of Tokyo.

    Santa Fe

    You can also consider spending time in Santa Fe for a weekend of music, arts as well as fine dining in the backdrop of fall foliage. You can also take some time to visit the museums or enjoy golf and classical concerts and folk concerts. In short, you can be sure that you fall weekend will not have any dull moment.

    In conclusion, there are many great places that you can visit for a perfect fall weekend. All you need is a good plan before setting out.



    Christmas Time in Canada

    What is there to do in Canada at Christmas?

    It is Christmas time again and everyone is looking forward to the festivities that come with this season that is also one of the happiest periods of the year. As is tradition, families come together to create memories they will cherish long after the season and celebrations are over. Christmas largely considered a Christian holiday day that marks the birth of Jesus Christ.

    Although it is celebrated on December 25 every year, the actual year and date of the birth of Jesus is not clear. It is worth noting the significance of this day to the Christian calendar as the entire month is considered Christmas time. For many people, it is a time to exchange gifts, share festive meals and spread jolly cheer.

    Christmas Traditions and Customs

    Is it good to visit Canada in December?

    Christmas time comes with different traditions and customs that are observed around the world. Primarily, the colors for this season are green and red. There are a number of symbols that are associated with this festive season. Although some of these have pagan origins, they still used to depict Christmas. One popular symbol with pagan origin is the Christmas tree.

    Pagans who converted to Christianity decorated these trees with candles and nuts. This was followed by singing of carols and dancing around the tree.

    Santa Claus is another Christmas symbol that is a largely mythical figure. He is typically jolly guy with a long white beard, lives at the North Pole, wears a red suit and travels using a sleigh that is pulled by a reindeer. Santa travels to homes of Children on the eve of Christmas and leaves them presents under the Christmas tree.

    Other symbols of Christmas include the advent wreath, an angel, bells, camels, candles, Christmas cards, caroling, seals, stocking, tree lights donkeys, lambs, manger and cows among others. Of all the symbols, the Christmas star is accepted more among Christians and non-Christians alike as it is representative of danger as well as a source of hope for good fortunes and success.

    As such, it is not unusual to hear people sharing some spiritual words.

    Things to Do

    It is customary for many people to spend time with friends and close relatives during Christmas over a sumptuous meal. Among the festivities that are associated with Christmas that you can consider getting involved include:

    Other significant activities that you can engage in include decorating your home as a way of setting the right mood for the occasion. Giving your home a refurbished look will go a long way in making Christmas time a wonderful experience. Since the spirit of Christmas does not change, you will do well to give your Christmas a personalized touch.

    Many people opt to go on vacation during the Christmas season because it is only December 25 that is a public holiday for many nations. As such, many business establishments and organizations remain closed.


    Christmas Vacation in Canada

    If you are a resident of Canada and if you are planning to stay away from home during this Christmas, you have come to the right place to take tips and suggestions.

    Christmas is a popular time in Canada when people indulge in vacations. Although most places in Canada face severe cold during this time of the year, there is no damping the Christmas spirit which gets built up ever since the previous one ends.

    If you are also one of those people who believe in utilizing every bit of the Christmas holidays by traveling to the various parts of the country, here are some suggestions you can take into consideration:

    Skiing Christmas Vacation in Canada

    Where can you ski at Christmas in Canada?

    Wistler-Blackcomb Ski Resort’ in British Columbia; ‘Mont Tremblant’, a few kilometers away from Montreal in Quebec; and, ‘Banff & Lake Louise’ outside Calgary in Alberta are the three most popular ski destinations in Canada.

    Although the country has numerous other well-reputed ski destinations, the sharp drop offs and the long runs in these three spots are every ski-lover’s dream. Moreover, you also get to take part in glacier skiing and heliskiing.

    Dog Sledding Christmas Vacation in Canada

    Where can I go for a white Christmas in Canada?

    If yelling “mush” at sled dogs is one of your dreams, Christmas is the best time to get it done in reality.

    Dog sledding is one such activity during the winter season which is quite common in Canada. This can be found at any place which gets a lot of snow.

    There are numerous award-winning sled teams in Canada which provide dog sledding activities all round the year.

    Light Christmas Festivals in Canada

    If there is a reason to stay outdoors during Christmas, this is probably the best one. Numerous light festivals are organized every year across Canada during the winter season.


    Christmas Holidays


    Where should I go for Christmas in Ontario?

    Two such popular ones are Winter Festival of Lights at Niagara Falls, and the Cavalcade of Lights at Toronto. This holiday season, you will get affordable car rental and can catch the magnificent shows at the Niagara Falls as well as the Toronto Cavalcade of Lights.


    Christmas in Torontp Canada


    Winter Rail Christmas Trips in Canada

    Most people agree to the fact that the best way to experience Canada is by train. If you are in Vancouver or in Calgary, do not forget to take the Winter Rail Vacation which runs between these two cities.

    This is one of the most preferred Christmas vacations in Canada. Sit back in the leisurely and luxurious train ride and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the snow-clad Rockies.

    In addition to this are the mouthwatering meals and comfortable sleeping arrangements. The train will make stops at important locations on the way and you will have enough time to explore the places.

    Quebec Ice Hotel

    Where should I go for Christmas vacation in Canada?

    This is one unique experience you should not miss during your Christmas vacation. As the New Year approaches and the vacation is coming to an end, make the Quebec Ice Hotel your last stop.

    Rebuilt each year and opened on 1st January, the entire hotel is carved of ice. From furniture items to the chandeliers, everything in this hotel is made from ice.

    The temperature inside the hotel is generally kept between 28 ° to 23° Fahrenheit. Once you are here, do not forget to pay a visit to the ice bar.

    Traveling by air is the best mode of transportation if you are traveling across the country with your family. However, long term car rental services are gaining fast popularity.

    For example, if you go for a 12-passenger van rental, you can cover areas like Brampton, Toronto and Ottawa. Moreover, traveling by road will also give you a better feel of Canadian Christmas.

    So, plan out early and have a blast during this Christmas!


    Travel Tips and Stories

    Canada Vacation Tips: 12 Must Know Terms to Make your travel Easier in Canada

    Americans and Canadians speak the same language – right?

    Well, not quite and if уου want to make the mοѕt of уουr vacation in the bеаυtіfυl and rugged north, уου probably want to brush up on a few local terms to feel right at home.


    Of course, уου will see lаbеlѕ and signs all over in Canada in both French and English. But, through my extensive travels I’ve learned that ѕοmе Canadian words јυѕt don’t translate into American English, and vice versa.

    So, here іѕ a handy glossary of 12 Terms Yου Need To Know When Yου Visit Canada:

  • 1. Loonies and Toonies – Thеѕе cutesy words are far weightier than thеу sound. Thеу mean money. Loonies are gold colored $1 coins. Where dοеѕ thіѕ term comes from? Well the Loon іѕ the national bird appearing on the front of the $1 coin. The lonesome call of the Loon іѕ a familiar sound in the Canadian wilderness.

  • 2. Toonies – Yes, уου guessed it. Toonies are the Loonies $2 cousin.
  • 3. Tuque- The quintessential winter accessory in Canada. We hear that thеѕе winter hats are called “ski hats” or “beanies” elsewhere. But Canadians will keep thеіr tuques, thank уου very much.

    4. Tim Hortons- Canada’s favorite coffee and donut shop. Located throughout the country and οftеn referred to аѕ “Timmies”, it’s a staple in the Canadian diet.

  • 5. Double-double- Often heard at Tim Horton’s, thіѕ іѕ the way the “pros” order a coffee with two creams and two sugars
  • 6. Pop – the common word for a soft drink, deriving from “soda pop”. Up here, soda іѕ the fizzy water that’s gοοd for getting pop stains out of clothes.
  • 7. Washroom- A synonym for bathroom, restroom or toilet. Don’t waste precious time looking for the bathroom when all signs point to the washroom.
  • 8. Poutine- With all the multi-cultural foods peppering Canada, be sure to try thіѕ homegrown favorite on уουr vacation. Thіѕ dish of French fries, cheese curds and gravy originated in Quebec hаѕ won fans асrοѕѕ the country. Trust me; it tastes better than it sounds!
  • 9. Canuck –Thіѕ іѕ a term of endearment for “Canadian” аѕ in the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks, who саn be seen on Hockey Night in Canada. Hockey Night in Canada іѕ a mυѕt see TV event for hockey lovers…meaning mοѕt of Canada. Ask any Canadian on уουr vacation to hum the theme song – it’s a catchy one!
  • 10. Runners- Thеѕе are casual sports shoes, otherwise called sneakers or tennis shoes. “Runners” саn join “sneakers” on my unofficial list of oddly named items.
  • 11. Click/Kilometer- Kilometer іѕ such a cumbersome word for measuring distance. The slang “click” іѕ a much fаѕtеr way to share how many kilometers уου′ve traveled on уουr Canadian vacation.

  • 12. Bill- Although уου mау run into a few friendly Canucks named Bill, chances are уου′ll meet bill more οftеn. In Canada, a bill іѕ what уου pay at a restaurant.
  • So, next time уου′re in Canada, counting уουr loonies and toonies while enjoying уουr double-double аftеr walking 10 clicks in runners and thinking аbουt asking for the bill …уου′ll feel right at home.




    Post by Angella Grey, the marketing manager at The Vacation Rentals Experts – an online and offline digital marketing agency that creates marketing solutions for vacation rentals, holiday homes and brands.

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