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Holiday Package to Spain

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Travel to Spain and Discover its Charm


Holiday Packages to Spain | Discover the Beauty of Spain

There may be a hundred reasons for you to go on a holiday and a thousand places to choose from. You may even be considering a holiday to one of the European countries. But if it is for any of the reasons below, there is only one place that comes to mind!

Imagine cruising along miles and miles of picturesque landscape, beautiful lakes and preserved natural beauty peppered with tiny, beautiful houses and sprawling green lawns that always seem so well manicured; or sunny beaches with the calm, warm sea luring you to dive into its depths and explore a whole new world of sea creatures below;

How about quenching your summer thirst at the local bars with a glass of sangria offered with a variety of finger- licking tapas, and a delicious lunch of seafood or meat paellas.

Follow it up with a relaxing siesta before you set out to enjoy a long evening. Explore the night life infused with haunting folk music, nurture a glass of sherry as you watch the streets bustling with activity, take a walk down one of the lanes and come face to face with the spontaneity and passion of the flamenco!

Spain can captivate a wandering heart like no other as it romances and refreshes you to stimulate your every sense.

Holiday Package to Spain


If you are considering a holiday in Spain, choosing the right package holiday to Spain and planning out your itinerary depending on what fascinates you the most, and how much time and money you can spend.

Spain is the fourth largest European country which leaves you a lot of ground to cover.

Although it boasts of the most widespread high speed railway network in Europe, you would still need to travel large distances. You could choose to travel city-wise or province- wise. I would recommend you consider knowledgeable agency when selecting your package holiday to Spain.

For those who want to visit the best cities in Spain, you would need to use the extensive railway system and travel to the far flung cities. Travelling by road within a province allows you to experience the colors of the Spanish countryside and landscape.

If you choose to go province-wise, it would give you a closer view of Spain’s diversity in culture, art, and religion. However, you need to stay in every province for at least 4-7 days in order to feel the pulse of the place.


Spain offers a variety of interests to its tourists. On the coastal provinces, the beaches are plenty and inviting.

Spain’s history, culture and lifestyle are all reflected in the architecture of its buildings, monuments, cathedrals and churches found everywhere, in the variety of folk and western classical music and their dances, the museums of art and history, the wineries that made them one of the best old world wine growing countries and so much more.

If you decide to visit Spain region-wise, focus on the best regions:


this is one of the richest regions in Spain, the most important tourist cities here being:

  • Seville,
  • Ronda,
  • Cadiz,
  • Malaga,
  • Granada,
  • Jerez and
  • Cordoba.

Visits to wineries in Jerez, enjoying free tapas in Granada, visiting the Alhambra fortress, exploring the Moorish architecture found in Seville and Cordoba, are some of the things to do in Andalusia.

borders France and boasts of a culture different from the rest of Spain. Barcelona is one of the major cities in this region.

The other cities to visit include:

  • Tarragona,
  • Sitges,
  • Figueres
  • and Girona.



Cheap Holiday to Spain

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Santiago de Compostela, Fisterra and A Coruna are the tourist destinations.

Enjoy vast expanses of lush green landscape and rolling hills and absorb the history and architectural sights.

MADRID which is the capital city lies in a region that goes by the same name.

The other cities to visit here are:

  • Toledo,
  • Segovia,
  • Avila,
  • El Escorial,
  • Aranjuez
  • and Salamanca.

Much of the medieval charm and history lies in the streets, walls and structures of Toledo, Segovia and Avila.

BASQUE COUNTRY– Best places to visit include:

  • San Sebastian,
  • Bilbao
  • and Pamplona.


They offer visits to the museum, a spectacular countryside view and some great local cuisine to go along.


the Roman ruins in Merida and the old town of Caceras are the high points here.


this is one of the largest Spanish regions covering parts of Madrid too. The Roman Aqueduct at Segovia, Avila’s walled city, Cathedrals in Salamanca and the Plaza Mayor, cathedrals at Leon, Burgos and Palencia are all places of interest. You would need to tailor your schedule here in order to save time.


this offers a peaceful countryside view along with Gijon offering an inviting beach.

Drink Spanish Cider called Sidra in Oviedo and indulge in the local gastronomical delights. Trek on the mountain ranges if time permits and enjoy the pleasant weather.


is the best wine producing region in Spain. A guided tour takes you into the interiors of the ‘Casas’ and vineyards that have been maintained by the families for decades and have produced some of the best vintage wines.




Lots of sunshine and sandy beaches thrown in with the best paella in Spain and some interesting architectural delights are what you would find here.

Valencia, Murcia and Cartagena are the main cities to visit in this region. The cathedral in Murcia and a 14th century fortress in Cartagena are some of the places to visit.



There may various reasons and factors you utilized in selecting a Vacation Spot in Spain and a thousand different places you can choose from. You may even be considering a holiday to another European countries all together. However today I would like to suggest ten (10) amazing places to visit in Spain, here is my top ten must see list of Vacation spots in Spain


A 4000 year old history makes this second largest city in Spain a very important landmark on every tourist’s map.

Barcelona’s architecture and culture have been greatly influenced by the different empires that ruled here viz. the Romans, Visigoths and Moors.

The architecture of Antoni Gaudi is reflected all over Barcelona with the Sangrada Familia Church being his last and most famous unfinished masterpiece. Other places to visit are the various museums like Picasso Museum, National Art museum of Catalonia, Casa Batllo, La Pedreda, La Ramblas, etc. and a walk through Barri Gotic reveals buildings that date back to medieval times.


Spain’s largest and most important city reflects what any European city has to offer- It has something for everyone. For the art and history lover there are famous museums like the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, El Prado and the Reina Sofía.

The women would love to shop at the Sunday morning market, El Rastro.
For soccer fans, a visit to Santiago Bernabeu, the home of the Real Madrid soccer club is a must.

The nightlife here may surprise the regular tourist because people including the older folks walk around the streets way past midnight. This of course may be the benefits of a well taken siesta!


The birthplace of Spanish paella, the famous Tomatina Tomato fights and a walk through the old town offers much for the time bound traveler.

Despite being the third largest city, Valencia is happy with the few sights it offers; the locals prefer to engage the traveler in their delectable variety of paellas instead.


was the last city to fall during the Crusades. The Fortress at Alhambra built during the Moorish rule contains vast expanses of the most beautiful gardens in and around the fortress.

The tapas here are known to come free and therefore they obviously taste better! If you are a tea drinker, indulge yourself at the Moroccan tea houses.


is the traditional home to Spanish bullfights and the famous flamenco. The weather is hot here but it matches with the excitement of what Seville has to offer.

The flamenco tablaos are where you would find the most authentic music and dance. Experience your spirit rise to the tempo of the music and feel your body move to the rhythm of the dance itself.


is a city exuding elegance and style. It offers some excellent beaches, and an old town with a classical look. There are a few churches and museums one can visit while passing through.


– the highest point of interest here is the Guggenheim Museum of modern art. A walk around the old town with its churches and cathedral, Plaza Nueva and sampling the tapas bars are some of the things to do.


the best time to visit is between May- July when the city comes alive with the festivals of Cruces de Mayo, Patio and Cordoba Festival.

The Cordoba Guitar Festival in July invites musicians from all over with their six-stringed instruments. Other things to do are: visit the Mezquita (largest mosque in Spain built during Moorish rule), the orange and apple groves, the botanical gardens and pamper yourself in the Arabic baths.


the cathedral of St James is the biggest attraction here. There are some museums and other religious buildings the city offers to its visitors. The local cuisine and homemade chocolates are worth trying out.


is the last Spanish town to reach before crossing over to Portugal. It is primarily a student town and offers refuge to the many visitors who have fallen in love with Spain, and feel the need to stay on and learn Spanish at the universities here.

The weather is perfect with cold winters and pleasant summers, the night life is vibrant and September is the best time to visit.

Spain in every sense and for every reason is a holiday worth taking. Give yourself enough time to explore and you would find the people are more than willing to lend a ear and make you feel at home.

Learning a few phrases in Spanish would help you kick start a conversation with them and help you discover the charm and beauty of the country and its people.

Post by Angella Grey, the marketing manager at The Vacation Rentals Experts – an online and offline digital marketing strategy that creates marketing solutions for vacation rentals, holiday homes and brands.

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