Survival Guide to Safe and Healthy Travel

Survival Guide to Safe and Healthy Travel

by admin March 26, 2020
Health Care Travel Tips

Travel Health and Safety

More and more people are traveling each year. Take the country of Canada as an example research from the Conference Board of Canada shows that just Canadian travelers will soon pass the 22 million mark.

Outbound leisure travel is expected to grow 4% during the next few years and more than 100 countries around the world target Canadian travelers. Canada itself receives 35 million visitors a year. ?

Health Care Pros

Medical Team Members

Travel Nursing In the Middle East

Human frailty іѕ one οf thе things thаt limit human potential іn achieving grеаt things. Whеn one іѕ bеnt οn doing something grеаt, іt іѕ οftеn hіѕ health thаt deteriorates οr suffers іn exchange fοr thе amount οf work thаt hе suffuses іn thе ѕаіd endeavor.

Wіth thаt іn mind, thе health care industry іѕ a lucrative agency tο mаkе hυgе profits frοm especially wіth thе increased number οf people getting sick аnd οld nowadays. Thіѕ usually іѕ interrelated tο lack οf food, lack οf rest οr even excess intake οf food аѕ wіth obese individuals. Thіѕ phenomenon іѕ further compounded bу thе increasing gap between thе rich аnd thе poor іn mοѕt countries.

Statistics ѕhοw thаt thе need fοr health care workers іѕ іn аn аll-time high аѕ thе number οf people getting sick аnd οld іѕ increasing; thаt hυgе demand hаѕ now reached thе Middle East along wіth thе US, Europe, Canada аnd Australia.

Can you become a travel nurse right out of college?

Thіѕ іѕ one reason whу countless nurses opt tο take thе traveling nurse career path аѕ a response tο thе growing need οf thе world fοr thеіr services. Assignments abroad mау last a year οr two аѕ compared tο those οf local ones.

Thе qυеѕtіοn now hangs,

  • whу ѕhουld уου work іn thе Middle East?
  • Whу work іn аn area wіth ѕο much violence аnd strife?
  • Whу ѕhουld уου gο tο a backwater рlасе whеrе illiterate аnd militant religious fanatics thrive аnd hurl stones tο thе innocent ones?

Prejudices shaped bу thе media ѕο аѕ tο control one’s perception οf thаt glorious аnd rich land. Prior tο rejecting thе іdеа οf working іn a Middle Eastern country, consider thеѕе reasons whу уου ѕhουld work іn such a рlасе:

Modern Facilities

Compared tο thе facilities οf thе United States, thе Arab health centers аrе аt thе pinnacle οf thе mοѕt modern аnd state οf thе art facilities. Thіѕ іѕ mainly due tο thе state sponsorship οf thе health amenities οf thеѕе centers ѕο аѕ tο cater tο thе people οf thе land. Thе oil industry contributes ѕο much tο thе advancement οf thе Arab world thаt іt even rivals thаt οf thе world powers іn terms οr health care provision.

Grеаt Salary

Thе Middle East іѕ thе land οf Gold аnd Honey, οf course οf oil. Thеrе’s nο wonder whу a health care provider саn earn ѕο much іn such a region especially whеn hе іѕ аn experienced traveling nurse.

Paid Vacation Leave

Thеrе аrе ѕοmе facilities thаt offer thеіr traveling nurses thаt opportunity tο gο home аnd see thеіr families wіth аll thе expenses shouldered bу thе agency itself. Thіѕ іѕ usually offered during thе first one οr two years οf service wіth thе agency. A grеаt bonus frοm such аn employer!

Shouldered Accommodation аnd Transportation

Sοmе agencies provide housing аnd travel accommodations tο thеіr employees аѕ раrt οf thе stipulations οf thеіr contract. Thіѕ іѕ tο ensure thаt thеіr valued workers аrе protected аѕ well аѕ well provided fοr during thеіr tenure wіth thе facility. Sοmе mау even bе offered chances tο gο οn tours аѕ раrt οf thеіr bonuses.

Nο Taxes

Travel nurses аrе nοt taxed іn thе country whеrе thеу work! Imagine enjoying уουr hard earned money 100%, wіth nο deductions thаt wουld gο tο someone еlѕе’s pocket? Thаt’s grеаt!

Nο Hassles іn Requirements

Aѕ compared tο οthеr countries such аѕ Canada, US, οr Australia, thе Middle East іѕ more open tο foreign workers. Thеу hаνе less requirements such аѕ a minimum οf 2 years’ experience, nο language requirements аѕ well s nο more οthеr special examinations such аѕ thе NCLEX οr thе CGFNS.

Stepping Stone

Lastly, thе Middle East wіll set уου up fοr working opportunities іn οthеr countries such аѕ thе US, Canada οr Australia аѕ іt іѕ a lot easier tο gеt tο thеѕе countries bу way οf thіѕ region.



Thailand’s booming Medical Tourism

Medical tourism or better known as health tourism is categorized as a type of tourism where visitors travel to another country to receive therapeutic treatment. The purpose of traveling to another country altogether is due to affordability of its services advertised in the field of health tourism. In respect, Asia has become the hotbed of health tourism chosen by foreigners.

Countries such as:

  • South Korea,
  • Japan,
  • China and
  • Thailand
  • have become the hot spot chosen by tourists to receive affordable healthcare, per say. As many individuals strive to achieve beauty, many people chose to come to Thailand to improve on the way they look. Or in some cases, take advantage of low-cost dental procedures while on vacation.

    It’s extremely important to understand what exactly health or medical tourism is. As mentioned above, it’s a type of tourism focused on specifically traveling outside the country to undergo beauty or dental procedures. The average cost of health tourism in the United States of America is extremely expensive, compared to its neighboring country, Mexico. A study conducted in 2011, the average hip replacement in the States was an astonishing $33,000 while patients in Mexico can undergo an affordable hip replacement procedure for $12,500.

    As with the advancement of technology and medical procedures, Asia undoubtedly has opened up a huge medical tourism market, especially catered to foreigners. Many hospitals in Thailand offer medical tourism as a part of their package to tourists. In 2013 alone, Thailand’s medical tourism market has been estimated to a $40 billion market alone, expanding 25% a year.

    Most patients come from the States to Thailand. In doing so, they save roughly 65-90% on procedures such as: Sex reassignment surgery, hip replacement surgery or coronary artery bypass surgeries are some of reasons why people choose to come to Thailand.

    However, there are always people who travel to countries like Thailand seeking beauty enhancements. With a country obsessed with fair skin, bigger eyes, robust bosoms, it comes to no surprise Thailand has been chosen to help people achieve ‘perfection’ through surgery. In other cases, many people choose to come here in order to take advantage of cheap, dental care.

    The big fuss about medical tourism is the ability to save hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars per procedure while on vacation in Thailand. While recuperating in Thailand, or in some beach cities such as Pattaya, many hotels in Pattaya can be booked at affordable prices. While patients have time or energy to, they can browse around Pattaya by walking on Pattaya’s famous Walking Street or lounge by the beach.


    Valuable Tips for Choosing Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance is essential for any trip abroad, because it provides coverage against any kind of losses you may experience during a trip. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, whether you travel by plane or car, you need travel insurance in order to make sure you don’t have any unpleasant experience with cancelled flights, last minute cancellation on your hotel reservation or on your entire trip or any other accidents or unpredictable events that might occur.

    Travel insurance is a frequent type of insurance many companies offer, and you could get it at the same time with your trip reservation or you could get it independently from any insurance company that you would consider.

    Travel agents, tour operators, cruise lines also have information and travel insurance offers available for you, so you do not have to limit your search for the right travel insurance to insurance companies. Insurance is very important for you and your family, because it covers medical expenses and medical emergencies, flight cancellations or delayed departures, loss of baggage, loss or theft of your personal belongings and money, or even of travel documents, emergency repatriation, accidents, injury or even accidental death and you can even get insured against sudden job loss, so that no unpleasant surprises would ruin your holiday and make you lose money.



    These are, of course, only general factors, because you can basically get coverage for anything else you may need, depending on your preferences, on the country you are headed to and on many other factors (including the extra fee you would be willing to pay, if necessary). It is important to remember that travel insurance costs differ extensively, so before deciding for one company or another, you should get all the information you need on the coverage, quotes and premium offered by the respective insurance companies.

    Some of the common extra activities people usually need coverage for are: extreme sports (as there are many people going abroad to places where they practice sky diving, scuba diving or even ski and other sports, some more extreme than others); traveling to countries with high risk (because of the natural disasters occurring more or less frequently or even due to difficult political situations, such as civil wars etc.); travel insurance for people with pre existing medical conditions (such as asthma, heart conditions, diabetes and other conditions that could turn into a difficult situation for the patient under certain circumstances).

    Travel insurance policies are different, depending on people’s needs; if you travel extensively or you know you’re going to have a busy year from this point of view, you might consider an annual travel insurance policy, because it could help you save quite a few bucks while keeping you protected.


    Adventure Insurance Travel

    Adventure insurance travel differs slightly from normal travel insurance as it covers you for some of the more high risk adventures that you might want to undertake. Different levels of insurance cover exist for travel, depending on the amount of cover you want, and the locations you are visiting. Some people might want cover only for canceled flights and lost baggage, while others will also want insurance for driving rental vehicles, lost credit cards, expensive camera equipment and so on.

    Adventure Insurance Travel by Location

      • Part of the way insurance is priced is by which geographical regions you are traveling to. At certain times particular countries will have a travel warning, when it is not considered to be safe to be there as a tourist due to civil unrest, natural disaster etc. Insurance companies will usually be able to give you this information on their websites or over the phone, if you have plans to go somewhere which has suddenly become dangerous. If you travel to a country that has travel restrictions, you may not be covered, so it is worth checking the status before you travel. Keep in mind, the country itself may not be a risk, but the cost of getting emergency medical or evacuation support to you may be in the thousands of dollars. This is why insurance for adventure travel is so important.

    Annual vs. Holiday Insurance

      • If you are a regular traveler it might work out cheaper for you to carry annual insurance rather than just being covered for a short window of time. You can compare policies to work out the best fit for your personal circumstances.


      • Terrorism is a real threat when traveling, but is one of those items covered by some insurance policies and not others. Take the time to carefully read policies before you commit.

    Ski / Snowboarding Cover

      • Skiing / Snowboarding insurance is often a separate level of insurance cover because the cost of emergency rescue is in the tens of thousands, and there will also be medical and hospital expenses if you are injured on the slopes. This cover can also extend to canceled ski trips due to inclement weather or avalanche, as well as cover for the loss or theft of ski equipment.

    Sports Insurance

      • Some insurers will have special ‘sports’ levels of cover for surfing, hiking, cycling and a range of other travel activities. It pays to carefully check your adventure insurance travel to make sure you’re covered for the activities that you intend to participate in. Certain more extreme adventure activities like base jumping and sky diving may not be covered.

    Look for:

      • Injury/ medical expenses (usually unlimited for sports cover)
      • Replacement of your gear/equipment
      • Existing Medical Conditions
      • If you have a pre-existing medical condition it can influence the cover you can get for travel insurance.

    Things to consider that may restrict you:

      • Pregnancy
      • 80 years or older
      • Seriousness of your condition – check with your insurer
      • Lost passport in Rome, food poisoning in Mexico, broken leg in Brazil? When you travel, you may purchase a policy that covers trip interruption or lost luggage. What about health insurance? Medical emergencies happen anytime, anywhere.


    Protect Yourself Abroad with Travel Medical Insurance
      If you’re preparing for international travel, it’s a wise idea to consider travel medical insurance. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that at least half of American travelers overseas will have some kind of health problem while on their travels. Not only that, but it is highly unlikely that your standard health insurance or HMO will protect you if you become ill or injured during international travel.

      The cost of international emergency medical travel and care can be staggering, which is why you may want to seriously consider obtaining coverage before embarking on your trip.

      While there are many different international coverage providers that offer lots of different policies for travelers, some of the best are offered by International Medical Group. Take a look at some of the highlights of their various plans.

      Even if you end up choosing a different insurance provider, perhaps you can at least get a better idea regarding what kind of coverage you need.


      Medical Health Travel Tips


    • Global Medical Insurance: This type of insurance would cover hospitalization, prescription medication, surgery, emergency transport via ambulance, outpatient medical services, pre-existing condition care, child wellness, dental insurance and so much more.

      This is one of the most inclusive plans out there and ideal for citizens of the world.

    • Patriot Insurance Plans: There are a variety of Patriot plans that provide coverage for different types of travelers. The Patriot International Plan gives coverage for Americans who are traveling for as little as five days for as long as two years.

      Then there’s Patriot America, which provides coverage to non-United States citizens who are traveling out of their native country for five days to two years. For students, there is the Patriot Student T.R.I.P. plan. Which gives protection for students under the age of 26?

      Are you an adrenaline junkie traveling overseas? Then check out the Patriot Extreme plan, made just for extreme sports enthusiasts!

    • The above descriptions represent just a few of the travel medical insurance options out there. There are plans for every kind of traveler. Not only that, there are so many different providers that you’re sure to find the perfect one to meet your needs. To ensure you get the best medical coverage at the best price, do some comparison shopping before making a final decision.


    Why you need to get a Travel Insurance Quote?
      • Comparison shopping has become a regular part of life these days for buying all sorts of things and it can save you money.
      • Travel Insurance is no exception and you should make comparisons between different insurance providers. If you have any plans for traveling internationally you should definitely consider getting some travel insurance coverage to protect you in the event of anything going wrong. If you get a travel insurance quote from several different providers, you will be better able to choose the best policy and find the best travel insurance rates possible. If you are not very familiar with what this type of insurance offers, read on to find out

    why it is so important you should take out a policy.Enjoy your vacation with travel insurance

      • Anyone who travels faces all types of risks of things going wrong. In most cases your trip will go well and there will be no major difficulties or problems but it is possible that you could fall victim to difficult situations and circumstances beyond your control. •

    The first type of travel insurance is one that begins before you even leave. This type is known as trip cancellation insurance

      • and it can help to protect you financially if you find you have to cancel your trip due to circumstances that are entirely beyond your control. When you think about the fact that so many of the vacation package providers require you to pay a non-refundable deposit you can see why trip cancellation insurance is crucial. What would happen if you or a member of your party were to become ill or injured shortly before your trip and cannot travel ? It is unfortunate but you probably won’t be able to get that non-refundable deposit back from the provider. However, if you hold trip cancellation insurance coverage, you will usually have your deposit repaid. •

    Medical insurance

      • is another very important type of travel coverage that you should seriously consider. I would go further and say you would be foolish not to have medical insurance while travelling. Nobody knows they are going to become ill or injured when they are traveling but if it happens, you may find that the cost of international medical expenses are more than you can afford. Medical travel insurance coverage enables you to be reimbursed for most if not all of your costs that are related to medical care. Medical insurance may cover things like

      • ambulance
      • transportation,
      • inpatient and
      • outpatient services,
      • prescription drugs,
      • and maybe even emergency dental care.
      • If you are seriously ill or injured emergency medical evacuation may be needed and you should check to see if your medical travel insurance is included in your policy. For most of us we simply take out a standard travel insurance policy which covers a variety of different things that may include trip cancellation, medical, liability, and baggage. You can choose either single trip or annual plans and if you plan to travel more than once the annual plan makes good sense. Take some time and do your research. Get travel insurance quotes from each company you think might suit your needs before deciding which one to go with. Having the right travel insurance policy can make all the difference to your experiences when travelling abroad if anything goes wrong and it can give you the peace of mind we all seek.


    What’s inside Your First Aid Kit and How to Use It

    As individual, we always aim for ourselves, family and friends to be safe from everything. However, emergencies as the name suggest come unexpected. In order to be prepared for any emergencies, it is advisable to keep a first aid kit in your home and in your car. It comes in different sizes, can be easily bought from your local drug stores.

    Aside from your home and in your car, it is also advisable to bring your first aid kit with you when you are on a vacation with your family or friends.

    Pro Tip: Purchase a generic kit and customize it for your need and or potential requirements.

    Choosing for the right first aid kit will also matter. It is recommended that one will purchase a first aid kit that has enough rooms for the medicines, durable, lightweight, and must be easy to open. One of the most chosen container as first aid kit are the plastic tackle boxes that are used for storing art supplies because aside from it being light weight and roomy, these containers also comes with handles.

    However, one can also personalize their own first aid kit especially if they will use it in an especial event like hiking, camping, boating, or any other outdoor activities. After choosing the right first aid kit for you, it is now time to know, what should be inside the kit. Listed below are some of the helpful suggestions.

    • Adhesive strip dressings
    • Non-adhesive dressings
    • Wound dressings
    • Bandages
    • Triangular bandages
    • Sterile eyewash solution
    • Eye pads
    • Steriwipes or iodine sachets
    • Saline steritubes
    • Scissors
    • Tweezers
    • Safety pins
    • Disposable gloves
    • Resuscitation mask
    • First aid booklet
    • Note pad and pencil


    Now that you already have the idea of what to put inside your first aid kit, how to use them is probably your next question. Aside from an advice of taking a first aid course, we will also present to you some basic things to do about the items inside your first aid kit especially for the gauzes, dressings, and bandages comes in different uses.

    • Adhesive Strip Dressings – this one is used for minor cuts and skin injuries.
    • Non-adhesive Dressings – this one on the other hand is best advised to be used for covering burnt or abraded skin.
    • Wound Dressing – this is used to help control bleeding and prevent the wound from infection. It comes in different sizes for different wound sizes.
    • Bandages – this is the one used to hold dressings or splint in place, reduce swelling, and provide support to the injured arm or leg. Bandages can also be made from different materials like cotton, paper, or elastic.
    • Triangular Bandage – this is the one used t support fracture limbs in the form of a sling.
    • Sterile Eyewash Solution – this is the one used to remove or flush eyelashes, insects, dust, sand, or similar particles from the eye.

    If you have enough time, read the first aid manual for your readiness when emergencies come. Read with your children if they are old enough to understand. In addition, always keep your kits out of the reach of your children.


    How to Personalize You Travel First Aid Kit?

    Virtually everyone will have to use, or be in need of a first aid kit at some point and time in their life, and the last thing you want, is to be stuck with a huge health problem, without the proper tools, especially when travelling. That is why you should take the time to prepare a kit to have available to you when travelling.

    Travel first aid kits are easily made and can inexpensively be put together to be either basic or comprehensive depending on your medical training and how far you expect to be from professional medical help.

    Here is how to make your own travel first aid kit. Remember it is adaptable to what fits for you, however

    here is a list of some typical travel first aid kit items:

    For Indigestion, anti-diarrheals, pain etc… – be sure to include an antacid for indigestion, an anti-diarrheal (such as Pepto-Bismol, or Imodium), aspirin (for mild pain and heart attacks), anti-histamine cream, a diphenhydramine (such as Benadryl).

    Your own personal medication – always ensure that if you have any personal medical problems, that you include medication for this, especially if you are prone to allergic reactions to things such as bees, peanuts, etc…or if you have diabetes and require a boost should your blood sugar levels fall. You may also want to include cough medication, or if you suffer from asthma, an extra inhaler etc…

    Regular first aid kit components – Aside from the medicinal and drug related items of a travel first aid kit, you should also include things like adhesive take, sterile gauze pads, antiseptic (even a small bottle of liquid soap, so that you can clean your hands or wounds), bandages/band aids of various sizes, examination gloves, safety pins, scissors, tweezers (in the instance that you would have to remove anything, such as a bee stinger).

    Extra care and caution – Part of having a travel first aid kit, is being prepared should any sort of emergency come your way. Take extra care and caution then to always have at least 60 minutes on your phone for battery time, or to have a phone card, to include a lighter (to sterilize things, or start a fire if need be), a small flashlight (you can find ones now that do not require a battery, but just need to be shook to generate power). Also include with you important contact numbers so that you have them handy.


    Best Types of First Aid Bags

    First aid kits are an absolute essential for everyone and as well as a travelling family, as they can help prevent or reduce the potential of death or other life-threatening emergency, and they can also help keep a person stable when unexpected things occur. Depending on your person health situation will highly depend on what you will be requiring in your travel kit, whether it is for overseas travelling, backpacking, in your vehicle, or at your home. Base on your need, we have research and prepare these simple and easy first aid bag solutions for you.


    Here are the best types of first aid bags you to choose from.

    • Wrist bags – Wrist bags are good for smaller first aid kits, and they are very popular. Most of them feature a 5cm gusset for contents.
    • A5 medical bags – A5 first aid bags are small and flat, and are great for smaller kits. They are also very popular as they have a few bag features, such as clear plastic sleeves on both sides of the bag.
    • A4 Medical bags – A4 bags have various clear plastic sleeves which hold everything in place, instead of just having everything loosely placed in the bag. This helps with organization and makes things easily findable, and it can also carry a very comprehensive first aid kit.
    • 5 pouches – You can find bags that have 5 pouches and are soft pack bags, which means they are designed for an even more thoroughly comprehensive kit, and they have lots of space to be used as a first responder kit as well. The compartments also have see through tops which are attached to the main bag by velcro, which once again allows you to find something very fast.
    • 6 Pouches – It is exactly the same as a 5 pouch first aid bag, only they have 6 inner pouches that can be attached to the main bag by a velco strip.
    • Paramedic bags – Obviously these are designed for the most complex first aid kit, as they are meant for paramedic use. They also have incorporated the ability to equip a paramedic with all space needed for the Advanced Life Support equipment. These bags are also often lined with special material(s) to help with durability and strength.




    Healthy Travel Tips Malaria



    Coronavirus what is it?

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported an outbreak of disease originating in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, caused by a novel coronavirus (referred to as 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)). The initial cases of this virus have been associated with a specific seafood and animal market in Wuhan.

    Additional cases have been identified in people who have not visited this market, but have visited other markets or have interacted with infected individuals.

    What is the recovery time for the coronavirus disease?



    Alert | Increased demand for protection products

    We are seeing an increased demand for personal protection products following the outbreak of a newly identified coronavirus (2019 novel Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV).

    Is coronavirus a bacteria or virus?



    Virus (As of March 2020) Illness is being caused by a newly identified corona virus, 2019-nCoV. Corona viruses are common and typically cause mild to moderate respiratory and cold type symptoms, though certain strains of corona viruses have caused more severe illness.

    This newly identified virus is in the same family as the viruses that cause Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which was first identified in Asia in 2003, and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), which was identified in 2012 with cases still occurring today.

    A main initial animal reservoir for the virus that caused SARS is believed to be civet cats that infected other animals, while the initial animal reservoir for the virus that causes MERS is believed to be dromedaries (e.g. camels). The reservoir for 2019-nCoV is not known at this time.

    Health Effects The symptoms of the illness associated with this novel corona virus are similar to those caused by influenza and other respiratory illnesses and include coughing, shortness of breath, fever, and difficulty breathing. A small number of people infected with this novel corona virus have died.

    Transmission This novel corona virus was originally transmitted to humans via an animal reservoir (source), believed to be an animal that the initial cases encountered at the seafood and animal market in Wuhan. Authorities have confirmed that human-to-human transmission has also occurred. Secondary cases (contracted from humans rather than a reservoir) include both members of the public and also healthcare workers who have had contact with other infected people, and have occurred in several countries in addition to China.



    Recommendations WHO recommends that everyone wash their hands regularly, cover their nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing, and avoid close contact with anyone who is coughing or sneezing or showing signs of respiratory illness. WHO also recommends thoroughly cooking meat and eggs. At this time WHO has not made any recommendations for personal protective equipment (PPE) use, including respirators, by the general public.


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