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10 Exciting things to do in Mexico

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10 Exciting Things to Do in Mexico

Going on a vacation to Mexico can be quite fulfilling because this is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in North America. With the presence of UNESCO world heritage sites, alluring underwater caverns, lively sea life and mysterious stone ruins among other attractions you can be sure to have a mix of adventure and relaxation to complete your Mexican vacation.

That is, whether you are interested in a cruise, strolling past the ancient ruins, playing golf, water sports, shopping, spending time on the beautiful sandy beaches, seeing exotic wildlife or visiting historical sites, there is always something for everyone. 

Things to Do in Mexico

Mexico is a boiling point of different cultures and traditions that have blended with its rich history as well as beautiful scenery that will make your vacations thrilling for the millions of visitors that visit every year.


Mexican Vacation


Some of the great places and top exciting things that you must do and experience while on vacation in treasure trove Mexico include the following:

  • Relax on the sandy Pacific and Caribbean beaches – Enjoy the cool breeze from the sea, swim or simply go surfing. Notably, Playa Norte beach that is tucked away on Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun that is celebrated for its warm shallow water and white sand is a great way to kick off your vacation will leave you totally satisfied.
  • Engage in water sports – With the coastline stretching over 6,000 miles you can be sure to enjoy a range of water sports like snorkeling, diving, sport fishing, sailing as well as surfing. Moreover, you have the advantage of choosing between the three major water bodies namely unrestrained pacific, the sea of Cortes that is warm and the azure Caribbean.
  • Learn the Mexican Culture – Mexico has a rich culture having been the home of many indigenous nations before it was conquered by Spain and you will do well to learn a little about the first natives that make up 10 percent of the Mexican population and have remained to be a defining force.
  • Sample the Mexican Cuisine – one of the unique things about eating the Mexican food is that is lets you blend in with the culture because the traditional cuisine is listed among UNESCO cultural heritage. More specifically, be sure to seek the local specialties.
  • Discover Mexico’s natural wonders – Although the Grand Canyon is popular you can be sure to discover some of the natural wonders that are less popular despite being unique and breathtaking. These include the Copper Canyon, Mount Orizaba that is a volcanic mountain and other small wonders like Hierve el Agua natural rock formations.



10 Exciting things to do in Mexico



  • Wildlife spotting – Mexico’s wildlife is a star attraction as the Sea of Cortez boasts of an abundance of abundance of marine life species and represents close to one third of the world’s marine mammals. The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve is also a spectacle to behold during spring and fall.
  • Visit the archeological ruins – Mexico boasts of the splendor of the Maya and Aztec ruins that gives you a glimpse of the majestic lost cities dating back to thousands of years. You can also enjoy the unbeatable setting of the Yucatan Peninsula that overlooks the turquoise Caribbean Sea.
  • Explore Mexico’s natural heritage – Mexico boasts of 10 historical cities that are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites that you can visit. These include Morelia, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Puebla and Zacatecas among others.
  • Visit art galleries – If you appreciate art then you will enjoy visiting galleries for close views of carvings, paintings as well as murals done by renowned Mexican artists like Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. In particular, San Miguel de Allende offers an eclectic mixture of art aficionados and artists not only Mexico but also other parts of the world. Guadalajara is also not be left out as it is known as a thriving contemporary art scene.
  • Explore the Street culture – The streets of Mexico City are always a live with different attractions. Therefore, you will do well to walk through the street markets and buy some souvenirs or simply feel the Mexican appeal. However, you also need to keep in mind the security situation as there have been reports of gun violence being rampart.

In summary, Mexico is a charming destination that will definitely make your vacation memorable for the longest time.




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