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Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

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Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean


Best Caribbean Destinations | Best Caribbean Island For Families

Yeh – you can say that with lots of places with typical qualities it makes listing the top 10 vacation spots very hard.
Caribbean vacation rentals are popular dream of many in US and Europe. Over the Caribbean sea along the coast, you’ve many vacation stops . This sub-region is part of North America and holds 7,000 islands big and small.

Islands are ideal places of getaway to enjoy resorts, beaches, sea breeze and fun all the way in a care-free environment.

While on vacation you can indulge in many activities such as – cruising, sun-bathing, sailing, diving, snorkeling, hiking, golfing etc. during daytime. Nights are reserved for making different types of fun, with fine dining, drinking and dancing till you hit the sack.

All the above enjoyments are waiting for you in these Caribbean Islands.


Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

Here Some Of The Most Popular Vacation Destinations,With Complete Guide and Things To Do For Each.

This is just to paint an outside caricature, leaving the options wide open for you, to select places you like the most for a happy, pleasant and hassle-free Vacation stay.

  •  Jamaica

    Much to do in Jamaica. Virtually there is no limit for enjoyment from sleeping on the beach to hiking the mountains, or exploring the under-water worlds or just playing Golf.
    Seven Miles Beach, Blue Mountain National Park, Dunn’s River Falls & Park, Blue Lagoon, and Montego Bay Golf Courses are the selected picks.

Discover Jamaica Caribbean

Discover Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the best places in the Caribbean where you can experience true adventure, enjoy memorable scenery and simply cool off.

It is an ideal holiday destination that has so much to offer such as magnificent waterfalls with tranquil blue water pools beneath, to blue mountain peaks among other amazing attractions.

Here are some of the places and activities that you can explore while in Jamaica.

Ocho Rios Dolphin Encounter – Get to swim with a dolphin for half hour in the deep. This fun experience is preceded by a briefing and introduction from expert trainers.
You will definitely be awed and inspired by the beauty and profound intelligence of the dolphins.

Chukka – This presents adventure as you enjoy a thrilling experience such as the breathtaking landscape of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril and Falmouth as well as the local history and culture.
Besides adventure tours like the River Tubing Safari, River Kayak Safari, Horse Ride N Swim, Horticulture Tour, Bob Marley Tour and the Zip line Canopy tour, you can also get to rest and feel rejuvenated.
Traveling to Jamaica
Heritage Beach Horse Ride – Nothing beats the feeling of riding through the waves on a horseback as you discover the rich culture and history of Jamaica. This ride cuts through areas that are considered to have been hunting ground for Taino Indians.

Snorkel at Rick’s Café Cruise – This place is not only known for its long history but also its pristine coral reefs. You can opt to sip Jamaican rum while you sail on the Caribbean waters. This excursion not only ideal for individuals but also families.

Caribbean Vacation Rentals

Experience Jamaica’s Spirit of Reggae – Jamaica is synonymous with reggae hence you will do well to journey through reggae legend Bob Marley’s life from where he lived, loved and even played. You will also get to understand more about the Rastafarian religion that he practiced and conclude with seeing his resting place. You can be sure to experience a moving tribute to this reggae legend.

Green Grotto Caves – Here you get to view some intriguing rock formations as well as the grotto in the cavern. These caves are a prominent natural attraction in Jamaica and have been attracting visitors from way back in the 18th century.

Enjoy the Outameni Experience – this is a blend of art, dance, music, drama, film as well as authentic Jamaican cuisine. It is unique as you will indulge in a holistic Jamaican cultural experience through the 90 minute journey on the five acres of land.
This journey also tantalizes your senses as it is interactive and is enriched with colorful mosaic as well as the culture and vibrant spirit of the Jamaican people.

Have fun at the Kool Runnings Water Park – If you love water sports then you will definitely appreciate this park where you get to have fun at 10 water slides. Kids are also not left out as they can head to Captain Mikies Coconut Island for games galore and great food. You can conclude your fun activities at Anancy village to indulge in bungee trampoline and go-kart.

There are many other attractions that you can experience and enjoy in Jamaica like the mystic mountain, YS Falls and Dunn’s River Falls and so much more.

In summary, Jamaica is more than just music as it is laden with attractions that you can discover as well as engage in fun activities to complete your Caribbean holiday experience.
Discover Jamaica


White, powdery sands, clear turquoise waters, cool breeze, swaying palm trees, warm smiles and Jazzy, relaxing Calypso music.
Makes you want to jump on the next plane and go on a self-proclaimed holiday, right?
The beautiful Bahamas, with its two thousand islands, rolling hills and mountains coupled with friendly locals and then delectable local dishes from the freshest seafood plus subtropical climate; it’s hard not to fall in love with this country.


You can enjoy our complete guide to the Bahamas Islands here:

Bahamas as a Travel Destination


  • Cayman Islands

    Very popular in Caribbean, this bunch of islands are ideal vacation destinations for fun making. Mastic Trail, Stingray City, Eden Rock and Devils Grotto, Bloody Bay Marine Park, Captain Keith Tibbetts Wreck, Beach Turtle Farm and Hell ( real sight-seeing place) will ask for your time more.


Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean



Discover Barbados - Barbados as a destination is well-known among the travel enthusiasts. Offering a range of interesting to do's, the country intrigues all kind of travelers. From its quaint architectural beauty to the scenic beaches there is something in store for everyone.


For more awesome ideas on discovering Barbados and cool things to do see this article  – Discover Barbados

Our complete guide to Barbados is here:

Bridgetown Barbados as a Travel Destination


  • Bermuda

    Sophisticated vacation stay that needs a bulky wallet for this British Commonwealth bunch of islands – Bermuda. Enjoy here all your dream-luxuries of dining, cricket match, golfing and spending your time the British style.


Four Reasons to Consider a Bermuda Vacation

In 1910, Mark Twain visited Bermuda. Upon his arrival, he penned these words: “You go to heaven if you want to, I’d rather stay here.” That attitude captures what most visitors to this island paradise feel.

In fact, Bermuda regularly beats most islands in the Atlantic and Caribbean regions in surveys of the top vacation destinations, and for good reason.

Bermuda, with its pink-tinged shoreline, relaxed island culture and rich cultural history, is truly a vacation paradise. No matter what your activity of choice may be, you will find it when traveling to Bermuda.

Discover Bermuda Caribbean

Playing Sports on Land and Sea

The beautiful weather, sprawling beaches and miles and miles of coastline all add up to one thing – a destination where sports activities are abundant.From golf and volleyball on the land to boating, fishing and swimming on the water, you will find ample opportunities to get and stay active while visiting Bermuda.

Taking the Kids to See the Sights

Traveling to Bermuda with your kids?
There are actually several things worth seeing with younger beach bums on the island. From swimming with the dolphin opportunities to beaches designed specifically for the youngest guests, Bermuda is truly a family-friendly vacation destination.Feel free to bring the kids along and enjoy some of the top destinations for kids in Bermuda.

Spending Time at Top Beaches

The beach is likely what drew you to Bermuda to begin with. As you step off your cruise ship or airplane, you may find yourself drawn to the pink sands immediately. This is not a problem, as Bermuda has miles upon miles of pink sand beaches.
As you try to determine where you will spend your oceanfront time,consider visiting one of Bermuda’s most beautiful beaches. Whether you are looking for seclusion, a great place to swim or some of the islands’ clearest snorkeling waters, you will find it in one of the island’s top beaches.
Caribbean Holidays Pictures
Seeing Historic Marvels

As the oldest British colony, Bermuda has a rich history. Its people are an exciting blend of African culture, British dignity and the laid-back island lifestyle.

Much of the history of the land has been lost to the resort and tourist scene, but if you know where to look, you can find traces of that history around the islands of Bermuda.

Spend a day exploring the treasures of St. George, for instance, and you will come away with an appreciation for the rich history of this island.

Yes, Bermuda is the closest thing to heaven on this earth, and it truly offers something for everyone. So take the time to explore what it offers a little more closely, so you can start planning the vacation of a lifetime.

Travel to Bermuda


  • British Virgin Islands

    An epitome of Royal British luxury in Caribbean style, where you can pleasantly enjoy your vacation real “posh”. The Baths and Cane Garden Bay are notorious here, for spending time and money lavishly.

Travelling to the British Virgin Islands

  • Puerto Rico

    Accessible easily from U.S., this island is vacation paradise that provides enough opportunities for vacation sports, adventures, historical research and white sandy beaches in plenty, including Carolina Beach and Mosquito Bay.








  • St.Martin

     – St. Maarten: Budget-friendly place needed? Then pick this place that holds beautiful beaches, dining, dancing, nightlife and making merry.


    • St. Kitts & Nevis

      Fun in the Sun and other activities at Oualie or Frigate Bay will be highlights here.

Caribbean Vacation


  • U.S. Virgin Islands

    A destination for fun loving vacation all through the year, especially during April, to enjoy the Carnival Season.

Holiday to the US Virgin Islands

Are you now ready? Get set and go to Caribbean Islands for your next vacation.

Caribbean Travel Tips


Four Tips For Traveling Through Hurricane Season

As hurricane season gets into full swing, many travelers are forced to take a gamble. You either take the chance and head off to the Caribbean and Gulf Coast of the United States or cancel those plans all together. Having traveled during hurricane season, just after a passing hurricane on America’s east coast, I learned a few things about hurricane travel that I wish I knew beforehand. When a road becomes impassable due to hurricane damage and you have to reroute your vacation plans, you will be glad to have these tips in your pocket ahead of time.
Caribbean Holidays
Purchase Travel Insurance and Refundable Polices:

If you book your travels during hurricane season to places like the Caribbean and the Gulf Coast of the United States, you will want to purchase travel insurance. This will cover your travel expenses should it become impossible to travel where you intended to go.

Also, travelers should consider booking accommodations that are in fact refundable this time of year. Many hotels will advertise cheaper rates for rooms that are not refundable. If you don’t want to spring for travel insurance, at least make certain your accommodations are refundable if you need to cancel.

Monitor Actual Weather Reports:

The media loves a good storm. It presents hours of speculative airtime and build up to see if the

hurricane will truly be as bad as predicted. However sometimes this is just media hype. It is important for travelers to monitor actual weather reports and radar. Checking in with weather bureaus like the National Hurricane Center can make the situation more clear as to whether you should cancel your trip or risk it.

Sometimes a place isn’t being hit by the hurricane, but the media hype has spooked you into considering the idea of cancelling. Always check with weather reports leading up to and on your vacation to ensure you have the best and most accurate information about the storm.

Keep Your Options Open:

Perhaps you are set to take off on a two-week road trip down the Carolina coastline as I did last September. Hurricane Irene ravaged the area, destroying a key road on the Outer Banks, a key path on my road trip route. Once I saw a storm building that was predicted for the area I would be traversing, I kept my options open as to which way I would travel.

At that point, my trip could have changed courses and it wouldn’t have been an issue. It is always a good idea for travelers to remain flexible and open with their itineraries. You might want to refrain

from planning out what you will do every day and how you will get there. Embrace hurricane season by embracing the beauty of the open and flexible itinerary.

Pack for Emergencies:

If you do decide to brave the strong winds and flooding during hurricane season, you will want to pack accordingly. Whether that means including several sets of clothing in your suitcase in case you get stranded at the airport or ensuring you have all of your necessary medications with you, getting through hurricane travel has a lot to do with what you pack.

The Best Destinations for Chartering a Yacht

As far as luxury vacations are concerned, few experiences can match the excitement and opulence of chartering a private yacht. Yachts are very expensive and a good model can cause a sizable dent in even the deepest pockets. As a result, yacht rentals are by far the most popular option for those seeking to escape out into the sea in extreme luxury.

There are a number of destinations that you can choose from to rent a yacht at. However, only a few of these destinations are truly outstanding.

Here are the top destinations in the world for chartering a yacht:
Travelling the Caribbean
Hawaii, USA

Whenever people think of chartering a yacht in the Americas, the most obvious destination that first comes to mind is the Caribbean. However, it is a huge mistake to ignore the Hawaiian Islands as the perfect yacht charter destination. Hawaii is very popular as a hub for water sports and everything else good about the island often slips under the radar. This is actually good news for tourists.

Yacht rental and charter companies offer amazing discounts to lure tourists away from their Caribbean counterparts. However, do not think that you are getting any less of an experience simply because you are paying less. Hawaii is beautiful in its own right and offers something different for those who are tired of cruising around in the Caribbean.

Hawaii is also acts as a great base from where you can set off to explore some of the uninhabited islands of the Pacific in your luxurious yacht.

New Zealand

Most people are shocked to learn that New Zealand has a very active and vibrant yachting scene. However, it is not so far-fetched for New Zealand to be a perfect destination to charter yachts from. During summer, when its winter in the Northern hemisphere, New Zealand experiences some of the best weather in the world and the conditions are perfect for a cruise around the South Pacific.

Just like Hawaii, New Zealand can be used as a base to go out and explore the Polynesian islands and indulge in a bit of scuba diving or snorkeling from the comfort of your own private yacht.

With most of the yacht rentals in the area originating from Australia, renters can find amazing deals from New Zealand cities that will allow you to rent much bigger yachts for the same cost.
Discover the Caribbean Islands
The Mediterranean Sea

Admittedly, including the Mediterranean Sea in this list is a bit f a cop-out. However, it cannot be denied that the list would be very incomplete without including this European jewel in it. The whole concept of luxury yachts being the ultimate display of power and wealth originated from the dockyards in the Mediterranean.

Chartering a yacht from anywhere on the coastlines not only lets you be a part of that lifestyle, it is one of the best ways to explore Europe as you yacht makes its way through the shores of various European counties, stopping at different ports.

No matter where you are, chartering a yacht is always a very special occasion. However you can make that moment extra special by renting the yacht from one of these beautiful destinations.



Discover the Caribbean


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