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Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

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Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean


Best Caribbean Destinations | Best Caribbean Island For Families

Yeh – you can say that with lots of places with typical qualities it makes listing the top 10 vacation spots very hard.
Caribbean vacation rentals are popular dream of many in US and Europe. Over the Caribbean sea along the coast, you’ve many vacation stops . This sub-region is part of North America and holds 7,000 islands big and small.

Islands are ideal places of getaway to enjoy resorts, beaches, sea breeze and fun all the way in a care-free environment.

While on vacation you can indulge in many activities such as – cruising, sun-bathing, sailing, diving, snorkeling, hiking, golfing etc. during daytime. Nights are reserved for making different types of fun, with fine dining, drinking and dancing till you hit the sack.

All the above enjoyments are waiting for you in these Caribbean Islands.


Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

Here some of the most popular Vacation destinations,with complete guide and things to do for each.

This is just to paint an outside caricature, leaving the options wide open for you, to select places you like the most for a happy, pleasant and hassle-free Vacation stay.

  •  Jamaica : Much to do in Jamaica. Virtually there is no limit for enjoyment from sleeping on the beach to hiking the mountains, or exploring the under-water worlds or just playing Golf.
    Seven Miles Beach, Blue Mountain National Park, Dunn’s River Falls & Park, Blue Lagoon, and Montego Bay Golf Courses are the selected picks.


  •  BahamasShimmy to Calypso All the Way to the Bahamas! Imagine this: white, powdery sands, clear turquoise waters, cool breeze, swaying palm trees, warm smiles and Jazzy, relaxing Calypso music.
    Makes you want to jump on the next plane and go on a self-proclaimed holiday, right?
    The beautiful Bahamas, with its two thousand islands, rolling hills and mountains coupled with friendly locals and then delectable local dishes from the freshest seafood plus subtropical climate; it’s hard not to fall in love with this country.

Exploring the Bahamas

The Seas

When you think of the Bahamas, you immediately think of its beautiful stretches of beaches. Therefore, upon arriving in the country, one’s first instinct is to hit the beaches right away.

The Grand Bahama Island is without a doubt the most popular island destination in the Bahamas because of its caves and cays, reefs and white-sands beaches.

If you wish to see the country’s best example of its ecosystems, then the Grand Bahama Island is where you should certainly go.

The Lucayan National Park in the Grand Bahama Island showcases all of the archipelago’s 6 types of ecosystems.

You can go inside the island’s famous limestone cave – considered as among the longest underwater caves of its type in the world, or you can loll by the beach and enjoy the view. 


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For water sports, you can go diving, snorkeling or sailing.

If you wish to swim with dolphins, head to Nassau where you will find Paradise Island. Within Paradise Island is Blue Lagoon Island, a private island that offers close encounters with dolphins in their natural habitat.

You and the kids will definitely enjoy swimming with the dolphins and playing with the sea lions.

Land Adventures

After your encounter with the dolphins and the sea lions, why not get to meet some more animals but this time, on land?

In Nassau, there is the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre. Located in Western New Providence, this tourist hotspot is home to the island’s famous marching flamingos. The flamingos are trained and “march” to the orders of their trainer during a show.

After your close-up with the flamingos, explore the zoo where you will see various animals, reptiles and birds.

Museums, landmarks and shops are also worth a visit in Nassau.

The Grand Bahama Island meanwhile is the perfect spot for bird watching. Bird enthusiasts will have a field day watching both resident and migratory birds. Among the resident birds are barn owl, great blue heron, mangrove cuckoo and blue-gray gnatcatcher.

Migratory birds include a variety of warblers and orioles plus Eastern kingbird and Pectoral sandpiper. You may also come across some of Bahamas’ endemic birds such as the Bahama swallow, Bahama yellowthroat and the Bahama woodstar.

Junkanoo Festival

Junkanoo is the most popular festival in the archipelago. It’s a parade of sorts where locals and tourists shimmy to the beat of the bongos of Calypso music, with good helpings of Soca and Rake & Scrape music for good measure.

The festival takes place twice per year, in most towns in the Bahamas. Junkanoo is enjoyed every Boxing Day which is the day after Christmas Day and New Year’s.

In the Grand Bahama Island however, Junkanoo is also celebrated during summer.

Colorful and elaborate costumes and dances that tell a story are only some of the highlights of the festival. The start of the festival is signaled by lively street dancing that starts at about two in the morning and lasts up to ten of the same morning.

Relax here. You’ve Cable Beach, Dolphin Experience, Port Lucaya Marketplace, Junkanoo Nightlife, Cabbage Beach and Lucayan National Park etc. that will eat-up your entire vacation period in entertainment. Get rejuvenated in the Bahamas.


  •  Cayman Islands : Very popular in Caribbean, this bunch of islands are ideal vacation destinations for fun making. Mastic Trail, Stingray City, Eden Rock and Devils Grotto, Bloody Bay Marine Park, Captain Keith Tibbetts Wreck, Beach Turtle Farm and Hell ( real sight-seeing place) will ask for your time more.


Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean



Discover Barbados - Barbados as a destination is well-known among the travel enthusiasts. Offering a range of interesting to do's, the country intrigues all kind of travelers. From its quaint architectural beauty to the scenic beaches there is something in store for everyone.


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  •  Bermuda : Sophisticated vacation stay that needs a bulky wallet for this British Commonwealth bunch of islands – Bermuda. Enjoy here all your dream-luxuries of dining, cricket match, golfing and spending your time the British style.


  •  British Virgin Islands : An epitome of Royal British luxury in Caribbean style, where you can pleasantly enjoy your vacation real “posh”. The Baths and Cane Garden Bay are notorious here, for spending time and money lavishly.


  •  Puerto Rico : Accessible easily from U.S., this island is vacation paradise that provides enough opportunities for vacation sports, adventures, historical research and white sandy beaches in plenty, including Carolina Beach and Mosquito Bay.



  •  St.Martin  – St. Maarten: Budget-friendly place needed? Then pick this place that holds beautiful beaches, dining, dancing, nightlife and making merry.


  •  St. Kitts & Nevis : Fun in the Sun and other activities at Oualie or Frigate Bay will be highlights here.


  •  U.S. Virgin Islands : A destination for fun loving vacation all through the year, especially during April, to enjoy the Carnival Season.


Are you now ready? Get set and go to Caribbean Islands for your next vacation. 




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