Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

by admin March 31, 2017
Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

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Best Caribbean Destinations | Best Caribbean Island For Families

Last Updated July 1st, 2020.
Discovering the Caribbean

The Caribbean is а very diverse region with several islands each representing a unique past and special place in world’s history. A region which was and still occupied and in some places rule and influence by many cultures from the French, The Dutch, The American to the British empire.

The Caribbean is rich in traditions, history, art and religion; offering а complete tourist infrastructure that guarantees а comfortable and secure stay for all those visiting its diverse island nations and its different destinations.

The region was first settled by the Indians – notably the Arawak Indians to date their culture and lifestyle can still be seen and experience by travelers on many of the islands.


Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

The list of Islands of the Caribbean is vast and extensive so our aim is to provide a reasonable big picture ( The 10K overhead view ) to help describe all the top destinations and help you understand the region.

The Caribbean it filled with yacht-filled and friendly harbors, private isles, volcanic landscapes and is internationally known for its long list of sailing destinations

Joint us as we discover the who, the what, the where and how in planning that perfect getaway

The islands of the Caribbean are border by the Atlantic Ocean and separated from each other primarily by the Caribbean Sea. The region can best be described by the three main island groups:

1. Bahamas (The most northern of the islands)
The Bahamas consist of over 3,000 individual islands and reefs.
 The most popular of these islands are Nassau and Freeport.

2. Bermuda
Is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean known for its pink-sand beaches such as Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay.

3. Greater Antilles (centrally)
Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico
 Hispaniola – Haiti (occupies roughly 1/3 of the island) and Dominican Republic (occupies the balance)

4. Lesser Antilles (southeast) – divided into two groups

(a) Leeward Island

Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis
 British Virgin Islands – about 50 (mostly uninhabited)
 Anegada, Tortola, Virgin Gorda

 Anguilla
 Montserrat

(b) Windward Islands
(also known as the Islands of Barlovento )

 Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Barbados
 Trinidad and Tobago

Netherlands Antilles – part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

 Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao – The ABC Islands is located off the coast of South America
 Saba, Saint Maarten and St. Eustatius – in the northeastern Caribbean, below Anguilla

French West Indies

 Martinique and Guadeloupe – south of Dominica and a French overseas department.
 St. Barthelemy (St. Barts) and St. Martin – on opposite side of island (north) from Saint Maarten. The French and the Dutch peacefully share this 37 square mile island.

British West Indies

Cayman Islands – south of Cuba
The Turks and Caicos – north of Haiti, approx. 600 miles southeast of Miami
 Also in this group are the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla and Montserrat listed above under Leeward Islands.
• Anegada, Tortula, Virgin Gorda

US Virgin Islands ( U.V.I. )
 St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas

From the above you may now notice that Caribbean literally has everything and is well represented!


Which is the most beautiful Caribbean island?

Some People may say “who cares” I just want sunshine; however the point here is getting an understanding of the Caribbean islands can be very helpful in having and planning a wonderful Caribbean Vacations.

It enables you to plan island hopping which can be time and cost effective than visiting each island at different point in time which could save you many airline fares.

A very common and effective tip is visit island groups such as the French, Dutch the English per your travel to the region.


What is the safest Caribbean island to vacation?

Caribbean vacation are popular dream of many in US and Europe. Over the Caribbean sea along the coast, you’ve many vacation stops . This sub-region is part of North America and holds 7,000 islands big and small.

Islands are ideal places of getaway to enjoy resorts, beaches, sea breeze and fun all the way in a care-free environment.

Which Caribbean island has the most activities?

While on vacation you can indulge in many activities such as – cruising, sun-bathing, sailing, diving, snorkeling, hiking, golfing etc. during daytime. Nights are reserved for making different types of fun, with fine dining, drinking and dancing till you hit the sack.

All the above enjoyments are waiting for you in these Caribbean Islands.

Here Some Of The Most Popular Vacation Destinations,With Complete Guide and Things To Do For Each.

This is just to paint an outside caricature, leaving the options wide open for you, to select places you like the most for a happy, pleasant and hassle-free Vacation stay.

    • Cuba

      Discover Cuba’s rich historic past, expand your horizons to this unspoiled revolutionary and resilient Caribbean Island.

      Vacation To Cuba

      World re-known for its vibrant culture, and beautiful beaches, are some of reasons that makes Cuba one of top Caribbean tourist destination for:
      • holidays,
      • honeymoons and
      • tropical weddings.
      • Bask in the sun, dip in beautiful blue waters or take part in many of the great activities offered at each resort.

      This tropical paradise offers 5000 miles of dazzling coastline, with about 500 km of pristine white sand beaches, making it an ideal destination for a sublime beach vacation.

      The Island nation is rich in biodiversity, as well as culture and heritage.

      Santiago de Cuba – A city rich in culture and modern history, it is a very beautiful city surrounded by the Sierra Maestra Mountains.

      Guardalavaca- Playa Esmeralda & Playa Pesquero – This is prime destination beach spot and is slowly becoming increasing more popular each year.

      Cayo Coco/Cayo Guillermo/Cayo Santa Maria – Here you will find unique landscape and true virgin nature. The charm of this magnificent area absorbs you until you begin to feel you are the first person to set foot here.

    Caribbean Sun holidays – Let’s Discover the Island of Cuba

    The Caribbean islands are synonymous with relaxation, dreamlike tropical beaches, exuberant vegetation, and vibrant culture. It is not surprising that more than 80 million people visit the region every year, which makes of the Caribbean one of the leading holiday destinations at the international level.

    Thanks to its warm climate, the Caribbean is an excellent all year round destination for those who are after a sun holiday. If you are considering the Caribbean as your next holiday destination, do not hesitate to browse the range of sun holidays we write about.

    For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the marvelous island of Cuba, which perfectly exemplifies everything that the Caribbean has on offer for holidaymakers.

    Top reasons to choose Cuba as your next sun holiday destination

    – For beach and outdoor enthusiasts, there could be no better destination than Cuba. Cuba beaches range from the developed stretches of sand owned by hotels and resorts to remote and isolated coves. In all cases, visitors to Cuba are guaranteed to find idyllic coconut fringed beaches, crystal clear water, and incredibly white powdery sand. There are also plenty of opportunities to practise water sports like snorkeling, sailing, or diving.

    Recommended beaches include Cayo Levisa, the Jardines del Rey archipelago, Santa Lucia, and Guardalavaca.

    Although the island is famous for its spectacular beaches, there is much more than sun and beaches to Cuba. There are five national parks that are popular among holidaymakers:

    • Viñales,
    • Sierra de Rosario,
    • Topes de Collantes,
    • La Guira, and
    • Cienaga de Zapata.

    There, nature lovers will have many opportunities to discover firsthand the stunning natural scenery of this Caribbean island.

  • – If you are planning a sun holiday with your family, Cuba is the perfect destination, as there are numerous child-friendly hotels, resorts, and restaurants in the island. Cuban culture places high importance on family values and people are naturally curious and friendly, so bringing your children with you during your Caribbean break is a good way of making new friends and learning about the local culture. In addition, there are many entertainment options to keep the younger ones busy and amused during their holiday, including kids’ clubs, horse and carriage rides, water sports, and jungle adventures.
  • – Cuba is a fantastic destination if you are celebrating a special holiday, like a honeymoon or an anniversary. The island offers world class accommodation in the most spectacular surroundings, so you can be sure that your holidays will be truly memorable.
  • – Cuba also has a vibrant musical scene and many opportunities for cultural sightseeing. The most famous event is the Havana International Jazz Festival, but there are other interesting activities all year round.


  •  Jamaica

    Jamaica has been enjoying a growing popularity among tourists around the world. The 4th most populous island country in the Caribbean is becoming a top favourite of honeymooners and even family vacationers. Situated in the magnificent Caribbean Sea, it boasts of many vacation spots that cater to every individual’s taste.

    Its several airports, highways and ports make it easy to travel and explore. And with Jamaica being the largest English-speaking country among the Caribbean islands, it sure is one of the world’s most favoured tourist destinations.

    What should I do in Jamaica today?

    There is literally much to do in Jamaica. Virtually there is no limit for enjoyment from sleeping on the beach to hiking the mountains, or exploring the under-water worlds or just playing Golf.
    Seven Miles Beach, Blue Mountain National Park, Dunn’s River Falls & Park, Blue Lagoon, and Montego Bay Golf Courses are the selected picks.

Discover Jamaica Caribbean

Discover Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the best places in the Caribbean where you can experience true adventure, enjoy memorable scenery and simply cool off.

It is an ideal holiday destination that has so much to offer such as magnificent waterfalls with tranquil blue water pools beneath, to blue mountain peaks among other amazing attractions.

Here are some of the places and activities that you can explore while in Jamaica.

Montego Bay

(1) First on the list is most definitely Montego Bay, or “Mo Bay,” – as referred to by many. It is the second largest town in the whole of Jamaica, and is the country’s top tourist destination. Montego Bay mixes traditional Jamaican culture with modern luxurious amenities.

Jamaica’s top tier luxury resorts are situated in this town with the busiest international airport and cruise port. Its pristine beaches with sugary white sands and clear aquamarine waters are a favorite among tourists who unwind and relax at the area’s most popular beach–Doctor’s Cave Beach.

Ocho Rios

(2) The second top vacation destination is Ocho Rios. – This location definitely has all you need to experience exotic and true Jamaica. This is the country’s 2nd most visited town with many natural attractions just at its outskirts. The famous James Bond Beach is just nearby, which was the home of famous author Ian Fleming and the location of his Golden Eye Hotel.



A famous tourist attraction in Ocho Rios is Dolphin Cove, where you can swim in crystal waters with dolphins and stingrays. A trip to Jamaica simply isn’t complete without this experience that both children and adults can enjoy. One of Jamaica’s most popular tourist attractions is the Dunn’s River Falls, located just outside the town.
The waterfalls cascade in stair-like levels with water that flows directly into the sea. You have to climb for 30 minutes to get to the top but it definitely is worth it as it will make you feel at one with mother nature.
Lush, green vegetation surrounds the waterfalls, giving shade and rest to tourists who visit this famous tourist spot.

Jamaican culture is synonymous with reggae music and a day trip to Nine Mile is a must for those who are music and culture buffs. You can take a taxi or a bus to this small rural town which is the birthplace and final resting place of reggae legend Bob Marley.

Set high up in the mountains south of Ocho Rios lies the Bob Marley Mausoleum that houses the many achievements of the music legend.

  • Ocho Rios Dolphin Encounter

    – Get to swim with a dolphin for half hour in the deep. This fun experience is preceded by a briefing and introduction from expert trainers.
    You will definitely be awed and inspired by the beauty and profound intelligence of the dolphins.

  • What is chukka in Jamaica?

    Chukka – This presents outdoor adventure as you enjoy a thrilling experience such as the breathtaking landscape of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril and Falmouth as well as the local history and culture.
    It offers adventure tours like the River Tubing Safari, River Kayak Safari, Horse Ride N Swim, Horticulture Tour, Bob Marley Tour and the Zip line Canopy tour, you can also get to rest and feel rejuvenated.

    Chukka offers the best of Jamaica, with adventures for all ages. Fly through the rain-forest hundreds of feet in the air, swim on horseback, explore the countryside on an ATV, or take a relaxing float down the river.

  • Heritage Beach Horse Ride

    • Nothing beats the feeling of riding through the waves on a horseback as you discover the rich culture and history of Jamaica. This ride cuts through areas that are considered to have been hunting ground for Taino Indians.

  • What are the unique things to do in Jamaica?

    Experience Jamaica’s Spirit of Reggae – Jamaica is synonymous with reggae hence you will do well to journey through reggae legend Bob Marley’s life from where he lived, loved and even played. You will also get to understand more about the Rastafarian religion that he practiced and conclude with seeing his resting place. You can be sure to experience a moving tribute to this reggae legend.



  • What are the best excursions in Jamaica?

    Green Grotto Caves – Here you get to view some intriguing rock formations as well as the grotto in the cavern. These caves are a prominent natural attraction in Jamaica and have been attracting visitors from way back in the 18th century.



(3) The third top vacation spot is Jamaica’s little piece of heaven called Negril. – It is one of the island’s most beautiful tourist destinations with its stunning coral reefs and clear crystal waters.

One of the world’s best beaches is located here–the Seven Mile beach– a very long stretch of uninterrupted sand. It is not only one of the best diving places in the country, but also in the entire Caribbean.

Negril, Jamaica: A Brief Travel Guide

Introducing Negril

What is Negril Jamaica known for?

Negril, Jamaica is a charming beach town on the dry western tip of the country, 81 km west of Montego Bay. It has a hedonistic reputation. Since the hippies first discovered its sunny and sandy white beaches in the 60s, the town has had a history filled with bacchanalia, nude sunbathing and marijuana.

It was only in the 90s that the resort joined the mainstream. Chain megaresorts and major hotels opened up.

Yet the gorgeous stretch of the eleven kilometer long beach, with its gentle pattern of light greens and blues, offshore coral reefs, gentle waters, gorgeous sunsets and plenty of live reggae music define the quintessential Jamaican vacation today.

There are still some resorts which live up to the laid-back hippie culture of the past, offering strips of nude beaches and some illegal ganja peddled on the sly. It’s common to be offered a ‘smoke?’ by locals several times a day.

There is a great friendly relationship between locals and tourists – tourism is the town’s only source of revenue. But despite heavy corporatization of the tourism industry there and the entry of big capitalists, Negril can still be laid-back in places.

Today’s Negril has two distinct neighborhoods. West End, which is more laid-back, with small boutique hotels and offbeat culture, has a personality that is distinct from loud, touristy and white-sanded Long Bay.
Plan Your Trip: Getting There and Around

Getting in

By flight: The easiest way to enter Negril is to fly to Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport and then take a shuttle van ride of about 60 to 90 minutes to Negril. Several companies including, Clives Transport Service and provide airport transfers to Negril.
Getting around

By taxis: Taxis are prolific in Jamaica. The taxis that are licensed have red license plates, and it is recommended that tourists stick to these. There are some private cars which double as taxis for tourists, with white license plates, but these are not licensed, so are best avoided. Jamaican liability laws are not particularly passenger-friendly if the passengers are found in an illegal taxi. Pick route taxis which work along a specific route like buses, at a fixed rate.

More expensive charter taxis are available outside hotels. Taxis are available in plentiful on the beach road throughout the morning and evening.
Things to See & Do

What are the best outdoor activities in Negril?

There are endless things to do at Long Bay if you love beach culture. The coast in the area runs along eight kilometers of breathtaking scenery; rocky highlands, gigantic frigates, rose colored sand, deep azure waters and a string breeze define the beauty of Long Bay’s 1.5 km wide coast. You will find fishing nets and canoes on the beach, there are plenty of places to hike to and surfing is immensely popular there (though the undertow is too strong for swimming).

What are the most popular things to do in Negril with kids?

Long Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island and you can while away an entire day (or days) there, soaking in the sun, swimming in the serene waters, diving in the coral reefs and at night, enjoying a tropical drink at a beach shack where a live reggae band plays.

However Long Beach can get incredibly crowded and touristy. And sadly, the surrounding resorts can hide the beach from view from a traveler at the Norman Manly Boulevard, unlike a few years before the tourist boom hit the town.

The West End on the other hand offers eleven km of white sand beaches to relax in. It is relatively less developed, with smaller hotels that have more character, lively bars and cozy shacks on the beach. Here you can mix with locals easily without feeling like your wallet is constantly being eyed. The cliffs will give you gorgeous sunset views. And the restaurants of the West End offer more traditional Jamaican fare and ambiance.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go cliff diving from a forty feet high concrete slab on a cliff near Rick’s Café.
For something a little more grounded, you can walk along the Martha Bray River, which is also great for rafting in. And if you’re a fan of some good old fashioned Jamaican rum, then visit the Appleton Rum Estate.

What is the best time to visit Negril Jamaica?

Seven Mile Beach, opening into a peaceful lagoon, offers some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in all of Jamaica. If you’re not yet ready to try snorkeling, you could always take a tour of the underwater coral life in a glass bottomed boat.

From Negril, you could always head out to Montego Bay, Treasure Beach, Black River and other Jamaican attractions nearby.

Shopping & Dining

The best place to shop for souvenirs is the crafts market for tourists set at the edge of town. You can bargain here to your heart’s content, and even more so if you’re buying several items from the same seller. Almost all places on the island accept US dollars, and calculators and knowledge of exchange rates are widespread. You can always get a great price at these shops.

The foods that you should try in Negril include the Jamaican specialties of coconut meat or coconut jelly, jerk chicken and sugar cane. Also try fresh and sweet green coconut water, hacked straight from the tree. You will also find authentic breakfasts of Ackee and Saltfish, goat curry dinners and simple fresh fried fish or chicken about in Negril’s many atmospheric restaurants.

While large fish like Mahi Mahi, Kingfish and Marlin will be found on many menus, vegetarians will also find items to suit them. The ambiance in many of these eateries is Jamaican, with great music, street life, dominoes and friendly locals.

Nightlife & Entertainment

Those who enjoy a little nightcap or lounging on the beach with a drink can try the Red Stripe Beer or the Rum Fruit Punch. Both of these drinks are Jamaican inventions. Almost any bar or restaurant that sells alcohol will have Heineken and Guinness.

Locals love to reggae it up at the beach shacks and simple, rustic music clubs every night. Though for more urban entertainment, there are a few clubs you can go to for dances and drinks.

Traveling to Jamaica

  • Snorkel at Rick’s Café

    • This place is not only known for its long history but also its pristine coral reefs. You can opt to sip Jamaican rum while you sail on the Caribbean waters. This excursion not only ideal for individuals but also families.

Caribbean Vacation Rentals

  • What are the most popular things to do in Jamaica with kids?

    Enjoy the Outameni Experience – this is a blend of art, dance, music, drama, film as well as authentic Jamaican cuisine. It is unique as you will indulge in a holistic Jamaican cultural experience through the 90 minute journey on the five acres of land.
    This journey also tantalizes your senses as it is interactive and is enriched with colorful mosaic as well as the culture and vibrant spirit of the Jamaican people.

  • What are the best outdoor activities in Jamaica?

    Have fun at the Kool Runnings Water Park – If you love water sports then you will definitely appreciate this park where you get to have fun at 10 water slides. Kids are also not left out as they can head to Captain Mikies Coconut Island for games galore and great food. You can conclude your fun activities at Anancy village to indulge in bungee trampoline and go-kart.

There are many other attractions that you can experience and enjoy in Jamaica like the mystic mountain, YS Falls and Dunn’s River Falls and so much more.

Port Antonio

(4) Fourth on the list is Port Antonio. – It is an intriguing center of Jamaica, which has one if its biggest ports.

A complete opposite of the crowded Montego Bay and Ocho Rios,
it has a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere with a relaxed European vibe.

Nearby tourist attractions are the Blue Lagoon and the Blue Mountains.

The Blue Lagoon was made famous by the 1980’s Brooke Shields movie with the same name. Its intense blue and green colors make it one of the most famous and stunning tourist attractions in the country.

If you want to veer away from the beaches and heat of the sun, you can explore the Blue Mountains, famous for the mountain ranges and the Blue Mountain John Crow National Park. You can take spectacular hikes in its trails, popular for its coffee plantations and rum factories.


Falmouth in the Parish of Trelawny is the fifth (5) on the list, which is an emerging tourist destination due to its new cruise port that opened in 2011. For history and culture buffs, this town is definitely for you. It will take you back to early 19th century with its Georgian architecture.

Falmouth’s famous Historic District houses many buildings and mansions that are still intact.


What are the popular point of interests near where I can stay when traveling to Duncans?

Duncans, named after its founder Patrick Duncans, is a small and clean town with plenty of beaches and historical sites to visit.

Though it may not be the busiest of all of Jamaica’s tourist spots, its appeal lies in its quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Silver Sands beach is considered by many as the best in the country, with its reef-protected bay and white sands.

Fisherman’s Beach is also a famous area in Duncans, with a small but lively arts and crafts community.

It is well positioned between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, making trips to famous tourist attractions just minutes away. Since it opened its cruise port, the local government has renewed and renovated the many Georgian wooden houses, brick mansions, and plantation complexes that will take you back in time.


(6) Sixth on the list,

Kingston: A Brief Travel Guide
Introducing Kingston

What places to avoid in Jamaica?

Kingston may be the busiest and not the safest city to take a vacation in Jamaica, it does has its own appeal to Jamaican culture enthusiasts.

Kingston is a cosmopolitan city and the capital of Jamaica with almost a million in population. It has the most museums, galleries, historic sights and nightclubs in all of Jamaica. It has a vibrant nightlife with its many jazz and reggae clubs.

Is Kingston Jamaica worth visiting?

The Jamaican capital can seem intimidating to some travelers. With its crowds, heavy traffic, crime and squalid shantytowns, some travelers may not want to spend long enough in the city to discover its hidden treasures. This is a shame, because Kingston really presents a picture of Jamaica that is most exciting, urban, challenging, confident and witty. Kingston is a melting pot of Jamaican creativity, which you can discover if you approach with an open mind.

Kingston is the Caribbean’s largest English speaking city. With one of the largest natural harbors in the world and a bustling port that Harry Belafonte sang about with such feeling, tourists there can taste the best of Jamaican ackee and salt fish washed down with local rum.

Add to that a historic reggae culture, a scenic waterfront, historic buildings, an exemplary art museum, frenetic and colorful street life, and you can have a holiday there that is real, gritty and authentic. And Bond creator Ian Fleming was a regular visitor to Kingston – he wrote many of his Bond novels there and the spy had many Jamaican operations.

Plan Your Trip: Getting in and Around

Getting in

By plane: The Norman Manly International Airport serves several Caribbean airlines as well as Air Jamaica, Delta, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada and British Airways. The airport overlooks Kingston harbor, and taxis and vans ply between the airport and the center of town. A smaller airport, the Kingston Tinson Pen, serves flights from Montego Bay.

By car: You can rent cars at the airport and in downtown Kingston and drive them one-way.

Getting around

By bus: Kingston has a modern and extensive bus system run by private companies as well as the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC). Affordable minibuses and route taxis are also available. The main downtown hubs that the buses will go through include the Downtown Transport Center, the Half-Way Tree Transport Center and Cross Roads. The last transit hub is crowded and congested, and it’s good for tourists to avoid it.

By taxi: Licensed taxis have red license plates. You can either use regular charter taxis or route taxis.

Rental cars: Traffic is bad in Kingston, so only rent a car if you think you can cope. Always take a reliable map with you. However, it’s better to avoid driving in the countryside after dark for reasons of safety.

Orientate Yourself

You will find that Kingston can be easily divided into uptown and downtown. Downtown is where the waterfront lies, which remains attractive despite the destruction caused by the 1907 earthquake. You will also find famous streets like King Street or the Parade around the William Grant Park. This area is an exciting parade of humanity, hawkers and street preachers. This is also where you will find Jamaica’s art museum and historic buildings.

Uptown is only 6 km away in New Kingston yet it is vastly different. New Kingston is where Kingston’s hotels, nightlife and dining options are – it is the commercial center of the city and is also much safer than downtown. The Devon House and the Bob Marley Museum are located in uptown Kingston.

Things to See and Do

What is Kingston Jamaica famous for?

Since the earthquake of 1907, downtown Kingston may seem like it will perpetually be in shambles. But look past it and you will find many things to see and do. Visit the Bob Marley Museum if you are a fan of reggae or want a look at the source of one of Jamaica’s biggest cultural assets.

The National Gallery of Jamaica showcases art work throughout the country’s turbulent history, ranging from native
Taino Indian art to post-colonial and modern art. Also check out the National Visual Arts Exhibition held every year to celebrate post-colonial art.

Close to the city lies Port Royal, a testimony to Kingston’s history of pirate activity. It was known as the wickedest and richest city in the world in the seventeenth century. Pirates led by the famous Sir Henry Morgan would plunder Spanish ships in the surrounding seas. An earthquake almost destroyed the city, and Kingston became the refuge of many survivors. Port Royal and its museum is a big tourist destination today, along with the ruins of Fort Rocky, Fort Charles and St Peter’s Church.

If you are interested in architecture, then the Devon House on Hope Road will offer you a glimpse of a 19th century mansion with craft shops, restaurants and an excellent ice cream shop.


Vacation Rental Management

Devon House


What is there to do in Kingston Jamaica today?

Other attractions include the Hope Zoo, the Arawak Museum, and the Hope Botanical Gardens, People’s Museum of Craft and Technology and the weekend party island of Lima Kay.

For less urban attractions, get out of the city to the Blue Mountains in the north. These beautiful mountains and hills get their name from a blue mist that hangs over them. The Blue Mountain coffee beans are famous Jamaican exports. But there are also plenty of hiking trails, waterfalls, rivers, birds and fruit there. The area is great for walking in – cars may have some trouble on the bad roads.

Shopping and Dining

When in Kingston, tourists usually bring back Blue Mountain coffee, jerk spice powder and famous Jamaican hot sauces. You will find these at the weekend Coronation Market at the Parade. You can also buy souvenirs at the Kingston Crafts Market or at the modern New Kingston Shopping Center.

Kingston has several excellent places to eat in, ranging from fast-food joints, hotel buffets and plantation house restaurants. You should try the local specialties of spicy Escoveitch fish, the national dish of ackee and saltfish, bammy cakes (of cassava), roasted corn, jerk chicken, patties and plenty of tropical fruit.

Nightlife and Entertainment

If you’re in Kingston in the summer or during Christmas, you can catch a free concert at Emancipation Park. Remember that the city is unsafe at night, so it’s always advisable to take cabs. You can catch a play or performance at the Ward Theater or Little Theater.

The Mingles hotel has an excellent disco and bar for after hours. There are several other first class hotels which have good bars frequented by tourists. And there are plenty of festivals and vibrant carnivals held throughout the island. You can find these events in the daily press.


The Rhodes Hall Plantation, Hanover

(7) The Rhodes Hall Plantation is number seven on the list of vacation destinations because it simply has everything you need in a relaxing and fun filled vacation for the family. A working plantation, it is named after its original owners, and is situated 8 kilometers outside Negril. Once you enter the area, you will immediately get a sense of what Jamaica used to be.

Places to Visit in Jamaica

(8) Eighth on the list is Runaway Bay. For those who do not want to follow the crowd, this is one of Jamaica’s most notable tourist destinations. It has stunning white sand beaches and boasts of being the site of the 1st Spanish settlement in the country.

Operating since the 1700’s, the plantation has two private beaches, horseback riding though the banana and coconut fields, swimming pools, and a crocodile pond.

You get history, the wonders of the Jamaican coastline, fun activities, and most of all, privacy and safety, away from the crowds of the busier tourist spots.

What is St Elizabeth Jamaica known for?

(9) St. Elizabeth became a significant tourist destination in the country in the 1990’s. There are beaches, waterfalls, rivers, and factories.

What can you do in Jamaica for a week?

Most visitors head to Teasure Beach, the Appleton rum distillery, and the famous YS Rivers–a 7 tiered cascading waterfall with a wading pool filled with water from natural springs.
Discover Jamaica
Jamaica is the perfect tropical vacation destination in the Caribbean and it offers everything you need under the sun.

From pristine beaches to cool mountain parks, historical sites and charming towns, you will definitely have an unforgettable experience in this famous Caribbean island.
In summary, Jamaica is more than just music as it is laden with attractions that you can discover as well as engage in fun activities to complete your Caribbean holiday experience.


White, powdery sands, clear turquoise waters, cool breeze, swaying palm trees, warm smiles and Jazzy, relaxing Calypso music.
Makes you want to jump on the next plane and go on a self-proclaimed holiday, right?
The beautiful Bahamas, with its two thousand islands, rolling hills and mountains coupled with friendly locals and then delectable local dishes from the freshest seafood plus subtropical climate; it’s hard not to fall in love with this country.


You can enjoy our complete guide to the Bahamas Islands here:

Bahamas as a Travel Destination


  • Bonaire

    October Vacations in Bonaire for Diving Allure

    Fall is a great time to Travel to Bonaire for underwater excitement in the Caribbean sun!

    Set off the coast of Venezuela, Bonaire is an island territory and forms part of the Netherlands Antilles and is therefore part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It consists of the island of Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, a small, flat uninhabited islet.

    With a very rich history, Bonaire was ruled by many Europeans powers, finally returning under Dutch sovereignty. Archeological sites from the period of its earliest inhabitants, the Caquetios Indians, who reached the island by canoe from Venezuela, can still be found on the island and the month of October provides a great time to explore.These include several remarkable cave paintings.

    An interesting historical fact is that when the Spanish reached the islands, they named them “the islands of the giants”, alluding to the natives’ allegedly extremely tall physical constitution.

    Finest Dive Spots in the Caribbean

    Like many other Caribbean islands, Bonaire boasts constantly sunny weather and has an average temperature of 82°F (27.8°C) and an average water temperature of 80°F (26.7°C). Feb.-Mar. tend to have the best breezes while October through January have the most precipitation. Hence, it is not surprising that the main source of income of its 14,000 inhabitants stems from the tourist industry, particularly from scuba diving vacations and snorkeling.

    In fact, Bonaire is considered to be the best diving spot for these two underwater activities in the entire Caribbean, largely due to its extremely successful marine protection policies. All of Bonaire’s waters have been proclaimed as a protected marine sanctuary and there are very strict rules that are rigorously applied, making the island a haven for divers.

    Moreover, the waters are clear throughout the year, which means that the diving season never ends. Whether you are a professional or an amateur underwater photographer, you will remain breathless before the beauty and diversity of Bonaire’s marine park.

    Kralendijk and Rincon are the only two settlements that have been officially recognized as towns. The former is the island’s capital city and in its vicinity lies the Flamingo International Airport. The town is situated on the west coast facing the islet of Klein Bonaire. There are taxi boats operating between Kralendijk and the uninhabited island.

    An excursion to this islet is highly advisable, since its surrounding coral reef is extremely well conserved. In general, Bonaire is famous for its rich marine and terrestrial wildlife, including seahorses, flamingos, iguanas and donkeys.

    See the sites, wildlife and terrain by bike

    In addition to scuba diving and snorkeling, Bonaire also offers great spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing – Lac Bay and Atlantis Beach respectively. With its flamingos, unique sea, shore and land birds, the island provides excellent conditions for bird watching.

    Since the island is relatively flat with hills only in its northern part, a great way to get around Bonaire is by bicycle. There are plenty of paved roads along the coastline if you are not up for the adventure of a rough bike ride. If you are, however, rent a mountain bike and head for the island’s interior and explore the ancient cave paintings and rural countryside.

    Diving Resorts and Accommodations on Bonaire

    Since scuba divers and snorkelers make up the majority of Bonaire’s visitors, most resorts on the island are connected to diving. Nevertheless, there are also time sharing apartments. The Harbour Village Beach Resort is the most upscale establishment, boasting a private sandy beach, tennis courts, a marina, restaurants, bars and swimming pools and a vacancy in the month of October should not be a problem.

    Bonaire is a blend of many different cultures and customs, which is evident in its three spoken languages – Dutch, English and Papiamento, a native language with roots in Portuguese.

    This is also reflected in its cuisine. It contains traces of Portuguese and Spanish cooking mixed with ingredients that the Dutch had brought to the island from Africa.

    All of this has been adapted to the island’s food resources to create a truly unique menu. Make sure to ask at your hotel or restaurant to try one of the rare and exquisite dishes from this astonishing island.

    Experiencing a fall vacation to the warm, clear waters of Bonaire in October make an underwater adventure memorable for a lifetime!



    Caribbean Vacation in Curacoa


    St. Maarten

    St. Martin Honeymoon Vacation for a Spring Destination in May

    Spring Caribbean honeymoons in St. Martin offers seclusion, some of the best beaches and entertainment with two foreign influences all on one island. As the high season closes on St. Martin, the month of May offers beautiful weather and local island flavor at its finest.


    Discover St Martin Caribbean


    Caribbean honeymoons in St. Martin

    With a population of around 85,000, St. Martin and the Dutch counterpart St. Maarten are combined in one Caribbean island situated east of Puerto Rico. Sovereignty over the island is shared by two nations, with the northern part, Saint Martin, belonging to France and the southern part, Saint Maarten, to the Netherlands.

    There is a border cutting the island in half, but you can freely traverse it and come back whenever you want. The Dutch side has more inhabitants and is famous for its thriving commerce, while the French side is more peaceful, with secluded nudist beaches and world class resorts.

    When flying into St. Maarten on your honeymoon vacation you’ll arrive at the island’s international airport which is located in the Dutch part and is a major gateway to other Caribbean islands. The French side also boasts an airport for small propeller planes that fly to the adjacent islands.

    Local Flavor for your Vacation

    A very interesting anecdote surrounds the story of the island’s partition. Allegedly, the Dutch and the French agreed to hold a contest by walking towards each other from opposite sides of the island. Their meeting place was to be the border between the two territories. The French stocked up with wine and the Dutch armed themselves with gin.

    The fact that they drank gin made the Dutch fall asleep during their mission, thus enabling the French to take control of a larger part of the island. Although it did not probably happen this way, it makes for a nice story to entertain vacationers and depicts the good neighborly relations between the two parts, as well as their sense of humor.

    St. Martin’s Best Tourist Spots

    Marigot and Philipsburg are the main towns on the French and the Dutch side respectively. The former is a typical Caribbean town, with its small houses and markets that offer everything from fresh fish and tropical fruits to some of the best local handicrafts.

    The Marigot Market is a must-see attraction while on your May honeymoon in St. Martin. Philipsburg is a historical town with forts that mark its past colonial strategic significance.

    The island has a rich history which spans from its earliest inhabitants, the Arawak Indians, to its discovery by Christopher Columbus and later colonial administration. Vacationers often stop at the St. Martin Museum which exhibits many artifacts that predate the arrival of the Europeans and is definitely worth a visit.

    Like many other Caribbean islands, St. Martin was occupied by most major European colonial powers, including the Spanish, English, French and Dutch. Consequently, both parts of the island boast several forts which are also its important historical monuments, such as Fort St. Louis located on the French part, which offers a glimpse into the island’s history and provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

    Honeymoon couples and vacationers alike should also make it a point to visit the Pic Paradis, or Paradise Peak, the highest point on the island from which you will get an unrivaled panoramic view of the island.

    Other places of interest include the Butterfly Farm, which is the home of wonderful exotic and rare species of butterflies. Wildlife lovers will find this farm particularly interesting.

    If you want to get a feel of the old colonial way of life, there is no better place than Orleans, St. Martin’s French Quarter that has preserved the buildings from the seventeenth century. It remains unspoiled by large touristic developments and offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

    Beaches, Resorts and Casinos

    If you are just looking for relaxation and fun, then rest assured that the island’s 37 beaches and numerous hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars will meet your highest expectations. Those seeking privacy and seclusion should head for the beaches on the French side, as these represent amazing places of retreat.

    Mary`s Boon Beach Plantation offers a quaint 26 rooms in a tranquil beachfront location and offers romantic accommodations for your St. Martin Honeymoon. The most popular beach on the island is Grand Case, a family beach located on the Dutch side replete with the best restaurants and shops selling souvenirs and local handicrafts.

    Be sure to bring your sunscreen as the May sun on St. Martin is just beginning its summer peak. In the busiest months of the year (usually Jan-Apr), Grand Case is also the spot of many exciting nightlife events. The Holland House Beach Hotel on the Dutch side is a good choice for a honeymoon resort if you like activity. It is situated right on the boardwalk in front of the Great Bay beach in Philipsburg.

    Numerous activities await you in St. Martin and St. Maarten, ranging from deep sea fishing and hiking to horseback riding, snorkeling, diving, tennis, kayaking and sailing. The Dutch side also boasts many casinos for gambling enthusiasts.

    The island’s year-round warm air and sea temperature and clear blue skies make it a spring honeymoon dream and permanent vacation paradise for one of our May top destinations!


    Cayman Islands

    Very popular in Caribbean, this bunch of islands are ideal vacation destinations for fun making. Mastic Trail, Stingray City, Eden Rock and Devils Grotto, Bloody Bay Marine Park, Captain Keith Tibbetts Wreck, Beach Turtle Farm and Hell ( real sight-seeing place) will ask for your time more.


Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean


Turks and Caicos:

  • December Honeymoon in Turks and Caicos for a Winter Getaway

    Romantic Caribbean Vacation in winter weather that’s impeccable!

    Situated southeast of the Bahamas and north of Haiti, the British Overseas Territory of Turks and Caicos consists of around 40 islands, only eight of which are inhabited. The larger of the two island groups are the Caicos Islands, separated from the other group by the Turks Island Passage.

    The Caicos make up around 95 percent of the land area and are the home of 80 percent of the territory’s 22,000 inhabitants. Since the islands are not an autonomous administrative unit, there is no official capital. Nevertheless, the village of Kew located on North Caicos is considered as the territory’s unofficial capital.

    Tourism, fishing and offshore financial services are the bases of the islands’ economy. Due to its proximity to both the Bahamas and Florida, most of the islands’ vacationers’ and honeymooners come from the United States and Canada and the number of tourists visiting the islands has been rising at a staggering rate over the last few years.


    Top Caribbean Destinations


    Vacation weather that’s perfect for sightseeing

    The islands’ main vacation and honeymoon appeal lies in their excellent year-round sunny and dry weather. December temperatures typically reach 80 degrees with a low around 64. December with the other winter months make up the rainy season, if you can call it that, as Turks and Caicos is often referred to as a tropical desert.

    These beautiful islands are renowned for their splendid sandy beaches and unbelievably clear waters. Boasting one of the longest coral reefs in the world, they are also a diving paradise. Serving as an important transit route for migrating sea creatures, such as whales, turtles and manta rays, the Turks Island Passage has an amazingly rich sea flora and fauna. In addition to marine life, shipwrecks represent a major attraction for divers who visit the islands from all corners of the world.

    Turks and Caicos Islands are marked by astounding diversity and every single island has distinct features; some are dry and feature sandy dunes, while others are strikingly green and abound with vegetation. The eight inhabited islands are Grand Turk, West Caicos, South Caicos, North Caicos, East Caicos, Middle Caicos, Salt Clay and Providenciales.

    Boasting an international airport, Providenciales, or “Provo” as it is commonly called, is the most developed and populated island. It is the main entry point for both vacationers who fly to Turks and Caicos and those who arrive by ship at Provo’s international port.

    Provo has a wide range of tourist facilities, including upscale hotel resorts, a golf course, a casino and amazing white sandy beaches at Sapodilla Bay. One of Provo’s main attractions is the Chalk Sound National Park. It contains a breathtaking lake with turquoise waters and countless small islets, or cays. There are also many small cays in the sea around Provo, which can be accessed by boat and are a great sharing experience for honeymoon couples. An excursion by chartered boat to these tiny islets is highly recommended.

    Things to see and do on the Islands

    If you are in need of shopping, then you should definitely take care of that in Providenciales, in case you are headed to other smaller islands. From Provo, you can board a plane or boat to reach most of the other islands. In fact, if you have time, you should embark on an excursion and visit all of the islands. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that if you have seen Provo, you have seen it all. Each island is absolutely unique!

    When looking for accommodations, there are numerous top quality honeymoon beach resorts to choose from with all inclusive vacation packages and hotel casino options available. You’ll fine all of the inhabited islands have excellent tourism and vacation facilities, most notably Grand Turk, North Caicos and South Caicos.

    Grand Turk is particularly intriguing as it is the island with the largest number of historical buildings and ruins. South Caicos will be of special interest to you if you are a seafood enthusiast, since it is the fishing center of Turks and Caicos Islands. If you are looking for greenery, then North Caicos is the perfect island for you. It receives the highest amount of rainfall, thereby teeming with vegetation and wildlife. It also has a large pink flamingo and crab population.

    Even the uninhabited island of West Caicos is soon to receive a brand new tourist resort complex. This is not surprising as it is considered to provide the best conditions for diving.

    Whichever island you choose for your December honeymoon destination, you will find it very easy to visit the other islands as well. If you do not have a chance, do not worry, you can always come back!



What makes Barbados unique?

You can enjoy real Caribbean luxuries of palatial resorts, beaches, golf courses, beautiful scenery and a lot more here. Attend horse races, enjoy Mount Gay Rum, and dance for Calypso tunes or surf at Soup Bowl – choice is yours.

Top Things for Families to Do in Barbados:
  • You can explore the under seas on an Atlantis Adventures submarine trip
  • Most of the resorts on the west Gold Coast of the Island have coral off-shore, providing an easy way for kids to try snorkeling
  • Visit Harrison’s Cave. Very nice!
  • Take a day-long boat outing and snorkel over coral and with sea-turtles swimming around.
  • You can take a jeep “safari” around the island
  • You can visit the Barbados wildlife reserve ( primarily a monkey sanctuary)
  • Very cool thing for the family is to attend the Bajan Roots and rhythm dinner plus stage show, with dancers, steel pan bands, folklore figures, fire-eaters, stilt-walkers, fire-limbo…. Prices are steep but include buffet dinner; kids are welcome.


Discover Barbados - Barbados as a destination is well-known among the travel enthusiasts. Offering a range of interesting to do's, the country intrigues all kind of travelers. From its quaint architectural beauty to the scenic beaches there is something in store for everyone.


For more awesome ideas on discovering Barbados and cool things to do see this article  – Discover Barbados

Our complete guide to Barbados is here:

Bridgetown Barbados as a Travel Destination



    • Bermuda

      Discover Bermuda

      Is Bermuda a part of the Caribbean?

      Bermuda is an island paradise with clear crystal clear waters, pink beaches and subtropical climate, The island of Bermuda is located in the Caribbean and is 21 square miles of island paradise.

      What to Do in Bermuda?

    • From the veranda of your villa or resort you take afternoon tea, the view is unfurls and amazing all around.
    • The main activity on this hook-shaped archipelago of islands is, as you might expect, taking in its natural beauty
    • Did I say Golf? – Golfers love Bermuda, which has nine first class golf courses, earn Bermuda the title as “the country with the highest concentration of golf courses per square mile in the world.
    • Elbow Beach – This amazingly beautiful beach has a gentle curve resembling an elbow. It’s located at Paget parish and very close to City of Hamilton. You can see reefs close to the shore and the beach is great for snorkeling.
    • You can also hike beneath the earth to explore the stunningly and very beautiful caves – this will sure to produce some of the best photos of your vacation.
    • Museums anyone? – The island’s rich history is recorded in museums from St. George’s through to the city of Hamilton and on to Somerset and Dockyard.

Sophisticated vacation stay that needs a bulky wallet for this British Commonwealth bunch of islands – Bermuda. Enjoy here all your dream-luxuries of dining, cricket match, golfing and spending your time the British style.


Things to Do in Bermuda?

Four Reasons to Consider a Bermuda Vacation

In 1910, Mark Twain visited Bermuda. Upon his arrival, he penned these words: “You go to heaven if you want to, I’d rather stay here.” That attitude captures what most visitors to this island paradise feel.

In fact, Bermuda regularly beats most islands in the Atlantic and Caribbean regions in surveys of the top vacation destinations, and for good reason.

Bermuda, with its pink-tinged shoreline, relaxed island culture and rich cultural history, is truly a vacation paradise. No matter what your activity of choice may be, you will find it when traveling to Bermuda.

Discover Bermuda Caribbean

Playing Sports on Land and Sea

The beautiful weather, sprawling beaches and miles and miles of coastline all add up to one thing – a destination where sports activities are abundant.From golf and volleyball on the land to boating, fishing and swimming on the water, you will find ample opportunities to get and stay active while visiting Bermuda.

Taking the Kids to See the Sights

Traveling to Bermuda with your kids?

There are actually several things worth seeing with younger beach bums on the island. From swimming with the dolphin opportunities to beaches designed specifically for the youngest guests, Bermuda is truly a family-friendly vacation destination.Feel free to bring the kids along and enjoy some of the top destinations for kids in Bermuda.

Spending Time at Top Beaches

The beach is likely what drew you to Bermuda to begin with. As you step off your cruise ship or airplane, you may find yourself drawn to the pink sands immediately. This is not a problem, as Bermuda has miles upon miles of pink sand beaches.

Is Bermuda safe for tourists?

As you try to determine where you will spend your oceanfront time,consider visiting one of Bermuda’s most beautiful beaches. Whether you are looking for seclusion, a great place to swim or some of the islands’ clearest snorkeling waters, you will find it in one of the island’s top beaches.
Caribbean Holidays Pictures
Seeing Historic Marvels

As the oldest British colony, Bermuda has a rich history. Its people are an exciting blend of African culture, British dignity and the laid-back island lifestyle.

Much of the history of the land has been lost to the resort and tourist scene, but if you know where to look, you can find traces of that history around the islands of Bermuda.

Spend a day exploring the treasures of St. George, for instance, and you will come away with an appreciation for the rich history of this island.

Yes, Bermuda is the closest thing to heaven on this earth, and it truly offers something for everyone. So take the time to explore what it offers a little more closely, so you can start planning the vacation of a lifetime.

Travel to Bermuda


  • British Virgin Islands

    An epitome of Royal British luxury in Caribbean style, where you can pleasantly enjoy your vacation real “posh”. The Baths and Cane Garden Bay are notorious here, for spending time and money lavishly.

Travelling to the British Virgin Islands

  • Puerto Rico

    Accessible easily from U.S., this island is vacation paradise that provides enough opportunities for vacation sports, adventures, historical research and white sandy beaches in plenty, including Carolina Beach and Mosquito Bay.



Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic the Heart of the Caribbean

Is the Dominican Republic Safe for Tourists 2020?

The Dominican Republic іѕ growing іn popularity аѕ оnе of the mоѕt popular destinations for Caribbean holidays. Not to be confused with Dominica; а much smaller island located in the Caribbean Sea bеtwееn the Windward and Leeward island groups ѕоmе 500 miles south east.

The Dominican Republic shares the much larger island of Hispaniola with to neighbour Haiti and hаѕ а population of аrоund 10 million. It’s capitol city, Santa Domingo іѕ home tо 3.2 million people and іѕ located оn the countries south central coastline.

What is Dominican Republic famous for?

Santa Domingo wаѕ founded in 1496 and іѕ the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in the Americas and іѕ аlѕо home tо the fіrѕt cathedral built in the Americas too.

Tourism accounts fоr 14% оf thе nations’ employment аnd іѕ а major contributor tо thе Dominican Republic’s economic growth аѕ tourism рrоvіdеѕ 1 іn 7 jobs.

How much does it cost to go to the Dominican Republic?

Thе Dominican Republic іѕ nоw thе largest tourist destination fоr Caribbean holidays. Thе currency іѕ thе Dominican Peso, hоwеvеr bоth US dollars аnd thе Euro іѕ accepted іn mоѕt tourist spots making іt а popular choice fоr bоth American аnd European travellers.

Thе main language іѕ Spanish but mаnу оf thе tourist hotspots dо hаvе mоrе thаn thеіr fair share оf English speakers.As wеll аѕ а multitude оf hotels, thеrе іѕ аlѕо а growing number оf villas fоr rent thrоughоut thе region.

Mаnу оf thеѕе аrе purpose built аnd feature air conditioning, swimming pools аnd tennis courts.

It’s аlѕо nоt uncommon fоr а butler оr maid tо bе оn call іn mаnу оf thе Dominican Republic villas fоr rent аnd іn ѕоmе high еnd luxury villas, а security guard саn аlѕо bе provided.

Wіth оvеr 250 miles оf coastline аnd thе world renowned pristine white sandy beaches, mаnу villas fоr rent саn bе fоund іn beach front locations wіth unhindered views оf thе Atlantic ocean оr Caribbean sea.
Mаnу inland villas pride thеmѕеlvеѕ оn hаvіng hill top locations wіth expansive views оvеr thе island аnd thе seas bеуоnd іtѕ shores.The people аrе passionate аbоut baseball, hоwеvеr thе tourist industry hаѕ mаdе wау fоr golf аnd а multitude оf water sports including swimming, wind surfing, scuba diving аnd water skiing.

Historically thе capital іѕ home tо mаnу medieval buildings dating frоm thе 16th century аѕ wеll аѕ
Thе Royal Houses Museum whісh іѕ home tо mаnу artefacts dating frоm thе 15th century аnd thе archaeological museum featuring muсh older artefacts frоm thе indigenous Taino people.

Frоm а huge range оf hotels аnd luxury Dominican Republic villas tо rent, tо stunning beaches, sports аnd tourist traps, it’s nо wоndеr whу thе Dominican Republic іѕ а major destination fоr Caribbean holidays.

Things to Do on Your Holiday in the Dominican Republic

Holiday is a wonderful moment that a lot of people look up to. It gives you an ideal opportunity to rest your mind, body and soul as you reflect and think on how to achieve massive success in your life or in your career.

Choosing a pristine destination like the Dominican Republic further enhances the experience due to the fact that there is a lot to see and do in this lovely oceanic Island. When in this beautiful Caribbean jewel, you can engage in the following for ultimate fun:

Take a trip to Isla Catalina

Just a few minutes’ boat ride out of La Romana’s old harbor, you find the desert island of Isla Catalina. With all the wonderful scenery and nature at its best, you will be treated to stretches of beautiful beaches and a mangrove plantation which makes the abode of funny, cheerful and playful monkeys. If you love snorkeling, then this will be a real paradise for you as it is full of excellent reefs teeming with lots of fish.

Water Sports

Even if you have never had any love for water sports, the water activities in Santa Domingo will simply be irresistible. Windsurfing, boat racing, scuba diving etc. are just but a few of the water sports you can treat yourself to while you are here. One nice thing about the sports is that there are instructors who are willing to offer assistance to the amateurs hence there is no reason for anyone to hold back whatsoever.

Walk down the memory lane in Santa Domingo

Take a moment and reconnect with the past of the people of Dominican Republic by visiting Alcazar de Colon in Santa Domingo. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Center built in the 14th century by Christopher Columbus.

It houses the mansion built for Columbus son as well as the Columbus Lighthouse – where it is believed that the bones of the great explorer still lies.


  • St.Martin

     – St. Maarten: Budget-friendly place needed? Then pick this place that holds beautiful beaches, dining, dancing, nightlife and making merry. Read more on St Maarten here


  • St. Kitts & Nevis

    • Fun in the Sun and other activities at Oualie or Frigate Bay will be highlights here.

    Caribbean Vacation


      Antigua and Barbuda

      • Antigua and Barbuda – A Secluded Tourist Paradise

        Antigua and Barbuda is a (state of the Lesser Antilles Caribbean), located north of Guadeloupe, south of St. Bartholomew, east of Montserrat and Saint Kitts and Nevis. The country consists of three islands: a larger one, Antigua (280 km ²), in the south, a smaller one, Barbuda (161 km ²), in the north and, an uninhabited rocky island in the south-west – Redonda.

        Climate and atmosphere

        The climate on the archipelago is just perfect between December and April as temperatures reach an average of 25 ° C during this period. The summer season is warmer and more humid and the rainy season lasts from late summer to November.

        Tourism is the main economic branch of the former British colony and a great part of its inhabitants depend on it. In the early twentieth century, the island of Antigua was already a popular holiday venue for British nobility and many luxurious villas have been built during that period. Since then, the two main islands have become increasingly popular with different celebrities, such as the fashion designer Georgio Armani, who settled his refugee here, in an effort to find a corner of tranquility, luxury and privacy, away from the urban noise.

        Things to do in Antigua and Barbuda

        Nowadays Antigua and Barbuda attract many tourists from all around the world, offering visitors two different facets of heaven: while the atmosphere on Antigua is very vivid, perfectly suited to beach party lovers, its little sister, Barbuda with its pristine beaches and intact rainforests is a center of rejuvenation and tranquility.

        There are many ways to talk about this secluded paradise, but the key words will always remain the same: sun, turquoise waters, white sandy or even pink beaches, water sports, wildlife, luxury hotels and holiday resorts, small charming cottages overseeing the sea, stepping on historical paths, romantic walks, extreme adventures, breathtaking landscapes.

        Antigua and Barbuda is a sunny dream destination for tourists looking for exclusive services in a unique environment, blending modernity and tradition. Less known and less visited than the other neighboring islands, Antigua and Barbuda has attracted foreigners eager to discover the exclusive gems of the Caribbean. Although the accommodation venues are fairly upscale and reserved to a privileged wealthy clientele, if you look closely you can find attractive rates in low season and you can enjoy a very satisfactory quality of services, one of Antigua’s 365 beaches, the quietness of tropical gardens and the shade of palm trees.

        Antigua Snorkeling Tours

        Relaxation is not the only advantage you can benefit from while visiting the heavenly territories of Antigua and Barbuda. More adventurous natures can try their hands at various water sports such as yachting, kayaking, kite surfing, or they can explore the rich underwater world through a scuba diving experience. The numerous shipwrecks located just off the small archipelago’s coast are home to impressive coral reefs and constitute the natural habitat for a variety of fish species. If you want to have a snorkeling experience with your family, you have a variety of options with the snorkeling tours that depart from Saint John’s hotels and holiday resorts.

        Bird Island Snorkel Tour

        Great Bird Island is one of the small islets, located 3 km off Antigua’s shores. Renowned as a bird watchers’ heaven, this tiny island was previously known as Island of Cows (name referring to the sea cows the frequently visit the island’s beaches). The variety of bird species that find their natural habitat here earned this corner of the world the name it is currently know by nowadays. The calm waters of the protected bay that the islet’s beaches face are home to many coral reefs and tropical fish.

        Cades Reef Snorkel Tour

        Cades Reef is the perfect venue for family snorkeling experiences. The transparent waters of this 2 miles and a half barrier reef allow easy access to underwater depths of over 10 meters. Your kids will certainly enjoy the sight of the colorful coral formations and the migration of barracudas schools through the warm waters. Playing with sea turtles will complete their delight.

        Stingray City Tour

        Pick Stingray City as your destination if you want to swim with these friendly fish in a special coral reefs protected lagoon. Located off the coast of the picturesque fishing village of Seatons, Stingray City is actually a sandbar covered by waters less than 1.5 meters deep. Therefore, even if you are not a good swimmer or if you cannot swim at all, this is not a reason to rule the trip out.

      St. Lucia

      Caribbean Vacation


      St. Vincent


      Villa Beach St Vincent


      Known as the ‘Land of the Blessed,’ St Vincent and the Grenadines are known for their lush tropic forest and turquoise lagoons. With 32 plus islands, they are also known for their pristine beaches, blue skies and exotic flora. One of the first impressions of this group is from the air. Upon approach, you will see a breathtaking view of sandy beaches surrounded by a sea of green, turquoise and blue.

      St. Vincent & The Grenadines are located south of St Lucia in the Caribbean Islands. From the villas on Mustique to the Tobago Cays, each island has its own personally and charm. For the beach enthusiast, popular destinations in St Vincent include: Indian Bay and Villa beach. If you happen to be on Young island, White Beach is the place to go.

      For tourist further south in Mayreau, try the beaches in the Saline Bay and Careenage areas. Of the 32 islands making up the Grenadines, nine are inhabited. If you desire some solitude, you will find your own little piece of heaven in the Grenadines.


      View Of Coast Bequia St Vincent


      Some of the main islands among the Grenadines include:

      • Mustique,
      • Bequia,
      • Canouan,
      • Mayreau,
      • Tobago Cays,
      • Petit Saint Vincent,
      • Union & Palm Islands.

      These islands have enchanted travelers for years and continue to do so today. Whether you have your own boat or choose to ride a ferry, the island-hopping opportunities are intriguing

      The Beaches of St Vincent

      With its black and white sanded beaches, St. Vincent’s beach life is legendary. Perfect for snorkeling, sunbathing or swimming this is a great place for just about any beach related activity.

      On the island there are beautiful beaches concentrated along the Leeward & southern coast line, with the most popular beaches having restaurants and resorts nearby. On St. Vincent, the allure of the beach is being close to nature; if you desire something more sophisticated, visit one of the Grenadines such as Bequia, Mustique or Tobago Cays.

      Leeward Coastline

      Petit Byahaut – Is a small pretty beach located at the head of a cove. When visiting here expect to find great diving & snorkeling.

      Mount Wynne – Is a popular black sand beach located near Barrouallie. This place has beach huts, facilities and is a great place for a picnic.

      Buccament Bay – Is an attractive black sand place near Layou. Nearby Buccament Bay Resort created a white sand beach for the resort side.

      Richmond Bay – Is a popular beach among the island residents. It has restrooms and tables & chairs for a nice lunch. The place is large enough for few groups of people to have their own space.

      Southern Coast Line

      Indian Bay Beach & Villa Beach – Are popular along the southern coast. Here you will find snorkeling, drinks and food available on the Villa strip. Across the water are the white sands of Young Island.

      Young Island – On this island you will find a small stretch of sand opposite the Villas, with a bar just offshore; As for transpiration, there are ferries and water taxi services available.

      Windward Coastline

      Argyle Beach – Is a stretch of sand located on the Atlantic side of St. Vincent. Although this attraction is a popular getaway for residents, the waters are rough and aren’t suitable for swimming.

      A February Caribbean Honeymoon on St. Vincent

      Why would anyone consider spending their time on the Young Island resort that is located just off the coast of beautiful Saint Vincent. Well, the place is thought to be one of the best honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean region. You can discover a piece of heaven just waiting to become savored memories.

      Almost all people who have been there have recommended the Young Island resort and for all those who wish to stay there are provided with the best-in-class service, amazing food, great selection of wine as well as the serene atmosphere that is ideal for any honeymoon vacation.

      Such a honeymoon would prove to be quite different and it’s not all about staying hooked up on the television in your room. The resort caters in accordance to the needs of the honeymooners as well as the other discreet guests. As a somewhat popular winter Caribbean vacation spot, it would be best if you could get a cottage that is located right across from the beach.

      You can just walk down the path and experience the beauty of the white sand beach as well as the clear water swimming pool. The facilities are open all the time. The back door of the cottage leads you to a patio and the beach region is cleaned every morning in order to maintain the beauty captured in the place. You can also go snorkeling and the entire gear required for this thrilling activity is available right in the resort.


      Caribbean Travel Tips St Vincent


      Luxury resort accommodations

      February is considered the high season so advanced planning and reservations should seriously be considered. The most preferred cottage number by guests who visit here is number six. It’s considered to be a luxury accommodation slightly more elegant than the other cottages that has access to the beach as well as the pool. There is also a gazebo nearby.

      One of the typical things that are preferred on such exotic, pampered vacations are the waiter served meals, simply put the non-buffet environment. This resort personifies quality and if you are looking for an intimate spot for the best honeymoon experience, then Young Island resort of St. Vincent is the ideal place for you.

      The food served in the resort is amazing and it includes a range of sea-food varieties such as lobsters, crabs, steak, poultry and many more. You can enjoy some of your meals in the exotic gazebos and the views from the tables are amazing.

      The meals are full of taste and you would love the home-made yogurts for breakfast. You don’t have to be completely idle if you wish to spend your vacation on this resort. All you have to do is walk to the top of the island. Although the whole excursion to the top may sound a bit tiring, but it really is worth every effort. There is a long pathway along the beach and the sight of a St. Vincent sunset is simply magnificent. Hence, this particular point is called ‘Sunset Point’.

      As soon as you enter the resort you’ll know you have made a wise choice as you are welcomed by hospitable staffs that are extremely friendly and helpful. The whole atmosphere here is simply amazing and it offers the some of the best scenic beauty in the Caribbean with flowers of all colors and varieties. Your February honeymoon in St. Vincent will be relaxing, bonding and memorable for everyone.


      U.S. Virgin Islands

      A destination for fun loving vacation all through the year, especially during April, to enjoy the Carnival Season.

    Holiday to the US Virgin Islands


    The U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) is a territory of the United States located in the Caribbean east of Puerto Rico and south of the British Virgin Islands. This group has an area of 737 square miles and a population of 104,000 residents, as of 2017. The main islands are St Croix, St. Thomas and St John. For those wishing to visit one of the three, the main airports are Cyril E King on St. Thomas and Henry E Rohisen on St Croix. If your destination is St John you will need to catch a ferry from St Thomas or near by Tortola, BVI.

    Of the three, St Thomas is the most developed. It is here you will find lots of cruise ships and resorts along its coast line. St Croix is a bit farther south than its sister islands. This island is known for its beaches, rainforest, and good dive sites.

    The least developed of the three main islands is St. John; this is the greenest island, making it a good choice for hiking or nature studies. With limited development and the nature reserve found here, this is the place to be for Eco-tourist or nature lovers.

    Industries and Government

    The main industry in the US Virgin Islands (USVI) is tourism; roughly two million visitors a year come here; many arrive by cruise ships. Revenues come in from other sectors such as textiles, petroleum, electronics, and watch assembly.

    Most of the foods consumed here are imported and the international business and financial services is a small part of the economy. USVI was a Danish commonwealth until 1916, when the United States purchased the islands from Denmark. At present, the islands are an unincorporated United States territory.

    In reference to elected officials, USVI elects a territorial governor once every four years. Prior to 1970, a governor was appointed by the President of the United States. Although the residents aren’t allowed to vote in presidential elections, the island residents are allowed to vote in presidential primary elections for delegates to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. These two national parties along with the Independent Citizens Movement party, makes USVI a three party system.

    Are you now ready? Get set and go to Caribbean Islands for your next vacation.

    Caribbean Travel Tips

    Four Tips For Traveling Through Hurricane Season

    As hurricane season gets into full swing, many travelers are forced to take a gamble. You either take the chance and head off to the Caribbean and Gulf Coast of the United States or cancel those plans all together. Having traveled during hurricane season, just after a passing hurricane on America’s east coast, I learned a few things about hurricane travel that I wish I knew beforehand. When a road becomes impassable due to hurricane damage and you have to reroute your vacation plans, you will be glad to have these tips in your pocket ahead of time.
    Caribbean Holidays
    Purchase Travel Insurance and Refundable Polices:

    If you book your travels during hurricane season to places like the Caribbean and the Gulf Coast of the United States, you will want to purchase travel insurance. This will cover your travel expenses should it become impossible to travel where you intended to go.

    Also, travelers should consider booking accommodations that are in fact refundable this time of year. Many hotels will advertise cheaper rates for rooms that are not refundable. If you don’t want to spring for travel insurance, at least make certain your accommodations are refundable if you need to cancel.

    Monitor Actual Weather Reports:

    The media loves a good storm. It presents hours of speculative airtime and build up to see if the

    hurricane will truly be as bad as predicted. However sometimes this is just media hype. It is important for travelers to monitor actual weather reports and radar. Checking in with weather bureaus like the National Hurricane Center can make the situation more clear as to whether you should cancel your trip or risk it.

    Sometimes a place isn’t being hit by the hurricane, but the media hype has spooked you into considering the idea of cancelling. Always check with weather reports leading up to and on your vacation to ensure you have the best and most accurate information about the storm.

    Keep Your Options Open:

    Perhaps you are set to take off on a two-week road trip down the Carolina coastline as I did last September. Hurricane Irene ravaged the area, destroying a key road on the Outer Banks, a key path on my road trip route. Once I saw a storm building that was predicted for the area I would be traversing, I kept my options open as to which way I would travel.

    At that point, my trip could have changed courses and it wouldn’t have been an issue. It is always a good idea for travelers to remain flexible and open with their itineraries. You might want to refrain

    from planning out what you will do every day and how you will get there. Embrace hurricane season by embracing the beauty of the open and flexible itinerary.

    Pack for Emergencies:

    If you do decide to brave the strong winds and flooding during hurricane season, you will want to pack accordingly. Whether that means including several sets of clothing in your suitcase in case you get stranded at the airport or ensuring you have all of your necessary medications with you, getting through hurricane travel has a lot to do with what you pack.

    The Best Destinations for Chartering a Yacht

    As far as luxury vacations are concerned, few experiences can match the excitement and opulence of chartering a private yacht. Yachts are very expensive and a good model can cause a sizable dent in even the deepest pockets. As a result, yacht rentals are by far the most popular option for those seeking to escape out into the sea in extreme luxury.

    There are a number of destinations that you can choose from to rent a yacht at. However, only a few of these destinations are truly outstanding.

    Here are the top destinations in the world for chartering a yacht:
    Travelling the Caribbean
    Hawaii, USA

    Whenever people think of chartering a yacht in the Americas, the most obvious destination that first comes to mind is the Caribbean. However, it is a huge mistake to ignore the Hawaiian Islands as the perfect yacht charter destination. Hawaii is very popular as a hub for water sports and everything else good about the island often slips under the radar. This is actually good news for tourists.

    Yacht rental and charter companies offer amazing discounts to lure tourists away from their Caribbean counterparts. However, do not think that you are getting any less of an experience simply because you are paying less. Hawaii is beautiful in its own right and offers something different for those who are tired of cruising around in the Caribbean.

    Hawaii is also acts as a great base from where you can set off to explore some of the uninhabited islands of the Pacific in your luxurious yacht.

    New Zealand

    Most people are shocked to learn that New Zealand has a very active and vibrant yachting scene. However, it is not so far-fetched for New Zealand to be a perfect destination to charter yachts from. During summer, when its winter in the Northern hemisphere, New Zealand experiences some of the best weather in the world and the conditions are perfect for a cruise around the South Pacific.

    Just like Hawaii, New Zealand can be used as a base to go out and explore the Polynesian islands and indulge in a bit of scuba diving or snorkeling from the comfort of your own private yacht.

    With most of the yacht rentals in the area originating from Australia, renters can find amazing deals from New Zealand cities that will allow you to rent much bigger yachts for the same cost.
    Discover the Caribbean Islands
    The Mediterranean Sea

    Admittedly, including the Mediterranean Sea in this list is a bit f a cop-out. However, it cannot be denied that the list would be very incomplete without including this European jewel in it. The whole concept of luxury yachts being the ultimate display of power and wealth originated from the dockyards in the Mediterranean.

    Chartering a yacht from anywhere on the coastlines not only lets you be a part of that lifestyle, it is one of the best ways to explore Europe as you yacht makes its way through the shores of various European counties, stopping at different ports.

    No matter where you are, chartering a yacht is always a very special occasion. However you can make that moment extra special by renting the yacht from one of these beautiful destinations.



    Discover the Caribbean


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