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Tourist Attractions in East Africa

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Top Ten Travel Destinations in East Africa

Last Updated January 28th, 2019

Tourist Attractions in East Africa | Best of East Africa

East Africa is synonymous with safari and wildlife. However, there is so much more that you can enjoy when you travel to the five East African countries. In fact, it is home to some of the most beautiful sandy beaches and spectacular sights to complete any holiday experience.

From the great wildebeest migration, the breathtaking pristine beaches to the hospitable people and magnificent scenery, you can never go wrong with a visit to East Africa.

With so many places to choose from,here are the top ten travel destinations in East Africa that you must visit when you travel to East Africa:


– This is one of the cities that are located along the Indian Ocean coast in Kenya. This destination is a favorite for visitors from East Africa and beyond because of the wonderful beaches, rich Swahili culture and extensive reefs. It is ideal for water sports such as snorkeling, deep sea fishing, surfing among others.

The Malindi Marine National Park is a major attraction that is protected along with its fine beaches, clear water as well as colorful fish. You can never have enough of this destination. Malindi is can be accessed by road or flight.


Tourist Attractions in East Africa



Masaai Mara National Reserve

– This is Kenya’s leading attraction for safari lovers. It is not only ideal for visit at any time of the year because of the numerous animal species housed here but it also hosts the great wildebeest migration that is also named among the wonders of the world.

The park is beautiful and you can be sure to see the big five as well as other animals. The wildebeest migration event is spectacular but only happen once every year where you get to see wildebeests crossing from one side of the Mara river that is infected with crocodiles that lie in wait ready to attack.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Located in Tanzania, this is one of east Africa’s snow-capped mountains and Africa’s tallest mountain that presents a perfect hiking opportunity. Besides, you also get to enjoy the arctic climate as you engage in fun activities.




The views from this mountain are beautiful as it has a series of snow crowned peaks. You can also be sure to see herds of elephants among other animals.

Zanzibar Island

– This is Tanzania’s best kept secret and a dream destination that will leave your with memories to cherish forever. Zanzibar is serene yet fun. It’s a source of insight into the African-Arab relations such as the slave trade on Spice Island.

It boasts of pristine beaches with silky white sand that is contrasted with the turquoise waters and colorful coral reefs.

The stone town is also charming as it is a true reflection of the island with colorful markets, cobbled streets as well as minaret lined skyscape that overlooks the beaches. This destination is well worth visiting.

Nyugwe Forest National Park

– A visit to Rwanda is incomplete without visiting the Mountain Gorillas in the Virungas among other primates that are treasured and are found in the Nyungwe Forest National park that is staggeringly beautiful.

Rwanda in Africa
There is usually a naming ceremony for the gorillas. The forest also houses monkeys as well as various bird species and is ideal for nature walks and camping.




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– This destination has personal charm as it is a melting pot of many cultures. Kampala has amazing climate that makes it worth visiting at any time of the year. This city has various sights and sounds that include Lake Victoria where you can enjoy a boat ride, fishing and some delicious fish meal by the sidelines of the lake.



– Undoubtedly a central attraction in Rwanda because of its rich historical background. This 100 year old city has erased the genocide history and bounced back to be a safe and friendly capital surrounded by major tourist sites such as the Virunga hills, Kaciyiru hill, Muslim quarter and the genocide memorial site that are its main attractions.

Rwanda Holiday Pictures


– The capital city of Kenya is a must visit in East Africa as it offers an eclectic mix of culture, wildlife and urbanization.

From a national park located a few minutes from the city Centre, where you can go on safari and see just about all animal species to various conservancies, Nairobi has everything in one basket.

Bale Mountains

– Ethiopia boasts of wolves that can be seen in the Bale Mountains. However, to see this rare animal species you need to trek up the mountains that also houses hyenas.
Other animal species that you will see here include leopards and lions even though they are rare.

Ssese Islands

– This legendary spot has white sandy beaches and is ideal for watching celestial sunsets and lighting bonfires by the beach.
Ssese has an archipelago of 84 islands and is also ideal for other activities like swimming, relaxing on the beach front and watching the magical landscape early mornings as the sun rises. You will be surprised how longer you want to stay here.


Tourist Attractions in East Africa


In summary,
East Africa has numerous travel destinations that offer something fresh and unique hence you can never get enough of this part of Africa. All you need to do is pack your bags and travel down to a top destination of your choice.


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